When lips seize to play the words, they tremble and look for the one who can sense their thumping heart, and that someone is supposed to learn the yearning and seize the moment. He or she is supposed to come close, erasing all that makes him/her stutter and hold the faces to join those lips forever.

It is a magic, this love, not all have lived it up to its true form. There are billions who are not fortunate enough to be or have loved. But the ones who have tasted it purely, know what it feels like.

first kiss magic

Here is a list of few real life accounts of this magical experience to make you smile thinking about your first kiss…

I loved him since 9 years; you could say since I knew what love is like. There were mistakes and turns in between which couldn’t be over turned. But then one day after this long struggle, he took me out on the roads where I grew up and made me experience the love of my life. It started raining, raining love, and I couldn’t hold myself back; we kissed and kissed for long and repeatedly. I never wanted him to leave and clung to him for long. If only we made it to the end, I really hope we do.”  – Shona

I was in 9th and the girl was in my tuition. We stood on the stairs looking at each other and as soon as we kissed, it was in some mood or the flow that both of us fell together from the edge of the stairs. Glad that no one saw. It felt like tasting something sweet. It was the lip balm! Haha.  At that moment the head rush was in 7th heaven. It was one of the first marks of adolescence I would say.” – Sparsh

So we were in Mussoorie, sitting on our balcony. And I was a little high! We were just sitting together, staring at mountains with bottles of beer in our hands, talking about the world and then it happened all of a sudden. And that was the purest time when we kissed because we were not talking about love but just about life.” – Tanya

 First kiss is always special. Mine was all of a sudden when she kissed me. I wasn’t expecting it to happen. We were sitting and scrolling the computer in my friend’s house and she pulled me towards her and kissed. Though it was not at all a good kiss, it will always remain special. I can never forget my first kiss.” – Bittoo

 My boyfriend and I were in 11th and had been together for almost a year back then. He called me up to his terrace. We stood there and I was talking and talking and he kissed me all of a sudden. I didn’t know how to respond so just stood there still and waited like an idiot. And it was Independence Day, so I got my freedom that day, I guess, freedom to kiss him anytime.” – Sushmita

 I always imagined how my first kiss would be. Watching it from films or reading it through books, but trust me it’s not the same. For me it was as raw as touching two lips together but little did I know that I touched her soul. The day after I proposed her and we were in a relationship, I met her in the lift of my college. She was looking like the most beautiful girl on earth. After a lot of staring, I pulled her in for a hug. The hug was so intense that I never wanted to leave her. I kissed her lips passionately because I wanted to tell her that she is mine and will be mine forever. I closed my eyes to feel the love she got for me. I was living my dream. It was her first kiss too, so it lasted for more than it was expected.” – Anubinda

Magical, aren’t they? Want to make your ‘first kiss’ magical as well? Here are some tips.


1. Dress in a way he will fall for. Do not reveal unnecessarily.

2. Give him hints. Look into his eyes, smile, speak it, and show it.

eye contact for first kiss

 3. Don’t be too shy or horny. Be the one, his only one and act like the only one and own the kiss.

4. Don’t ever do it fast. Take time before you reach the stage of a kiss. Trick out some foreplay before making it happen.

5. Most importantly, make your lips kiss ready by moisturizing, coloring and cleaning them well before and after bed time.


1. Don’t let your testosterone overpower your emotions. Be the man and lover at the same time. Show both passion and care.

2. Make her realize and wait for your kiss. Make her earn it. It works.

3. Learn to understand her hints. Study her closely.

4. Dress neatly and maintain oral hygiene.

first kiss

5. Make her feel special.

6. Go for a romantic setting.

You are done!

Just one last thing. Never fake love.