It is time to update our thesaurus and add a new synonym for ‘human-beings’. Any guesses?? The word is “butcher”. Yes butcher – Someone who kills brutally and indiscriminately, although even a butcher kills in a more humane way and not for vengeance.

It is clear that we, human beings are capable of crossing all limits when it comes to being greedy. We want what we need and are ready to do whatever it takes to get there. Maybe what the vedas tell us is correct and we are living in the kalyug where evil seems to be spreading like a disease in the form of ‘terrorism’, terrorists’, ‘suicide bombers’ and everything that we cannot imagine humanly.


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On 16th December 2014 over 132 students and 9 staff members were killed by six gunmen from the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. Just like butchers, these terrorists mercilessly took the lives of innocents. Why do events like these take place? Who is responsible for all this? Terrorists – for those, whom these terrorists wage this war, their actions are considered just and these terrorists are actually called martyrs.

The organization behind the attack of December 16th proudly took credit for the attack justifying it as revenge for Operation Zarb-e-Azb, which the Pakistani military started against militants in North Waziristan in the summer of 2014. Imagine justifying the act. Apparently what is good and bad, right and wrong is extremely subjective. The fact is that there isn’t and there shouldn’t be any justification for taking the life of innocent defenseless people.

In response Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in keeping with the philosophy of an eye for an eye responded by lifting the moratorium on executions in terror cases the day after the attack. Two convicted terrorists were hanged by Pakistan. According to them these executions will avenge the terrorists and boost the morale of the nation. Subsequently over 120 militants were killed in Pakistan in the last week.

All this brings up a question – is life for a life the answer? Won’t an eye for an eye make the whole world blind? Won’t this feed a cycle of revenge instead of stopping terrorism? Maybe it is the answer. Maybe not. People don’t want more killings to stop killings; they want to live in peace, to send their children to schools and be safe.

There can be no justification for terrorism. It needs to be eradicated and removed from the roots. We all are the same and have the same basic needs; then why the divisions? How can we even think of protecting ourselves by risking the lives of others? We all have the right to be safe. Why do we need to fight? Mother earth has ample of space for all of us. We have to learn to live in harmony to bring back the peace. We need to think and talk to bring about a change, not kill.

What we all need to do is – introspect. We need to look within and question our conscience about the clutter we humans have created. We have to overcome this farrago of hatred and resentment that is killing innocent people and also mutating humans into mute, emotionless and egotistical creatures. If each and every person on earth understands this, there would be no manslaughter and we would all live in peace.

Ask yourself, do you really want this? All the killing and genocide? And for what?

We are the ones who are responsible. Only we can stop the whole world from becoming trigger friendly-apathetic zombies.

Like the king of pop, Michael Jackson, said –

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day;
So let’s start giving; There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives; Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me.

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