Sex. One of the most natural and pleasurable acts in mankind! And we know nobody can ever say no to it. Who doesn’t want to have it every day?

But there are lots of restrictions in our lifestyle which leads to no sex for days or weeks at a stretch. And there are lots of factors that come into play that’s stopping you and me and all of us from having it every day.

Ideally, anybody would want to have sex every day of the year. But if you are not one of those, we believe the following reasons are good enough to convince you as to why you should absolutely do that!

1. It makes you say goodbye to stress.

Sex is probably one of the best and most relaxing ways to de-stress yourself. With our current lifestyle, all we bring home at the end of the day is just lots of stress. When you engage yourself in it, it produces a hormone called dopamine to fight stress and lots of other such substances that release happiness in you. In a research, it has been seen that sexually active people are less anxious than the ones who are not.

2. What better way to burn calories?

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During sex, your body is constantly working out and burning fat and calories. When you are having it, the physiological state of your body makes you breathe heavier and faster, which is what we do when we are tired. That means we are burning calories.

On an average having it thrice a day for 15 minutes each time makes you burn 7500 calories a year. Imagine! Get yourself and your partner right in bed now.

3. It’s a great way to lower high blood pressure levels.

High blood pressure is nothing new in today’s world, given the lifestyle and the work stress. It has been proven that hugs, kisses, and sex can significantly lower your blood pressure level and calm you down!

4. Because having a healthy heart is important.

And sex just makes sure you have a healthy heart. As it burns calories, it also improves the heart and thus makes the body immune to strokes and heart attacks and other heart diseases.

5. Say hello to good sleep.

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Better and regular sex helps you get better sleep. It releases hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which act like tranquilizers and promote good sleep.

Do you still need a reason to make it a part of your daily life?

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