When a digital artist decides to have some fun, they can become really evil. A Twitter post went viral and you will definitely appreciate the idea of this man in San Francisco. It seems like Pablo Rochat understands the minds of apple Airpod owners and how they almost fear to lose their wireless headphones. And this happens to him as well. 

All he wanted was to see whether citizens would fall for it. And yes they did.

Rochat printed numerous life-sized Airpod stickers and stuck them across the city and then he captured the whole process through the lens as well. He recorded their reactions as well and it was hilarious. 

In an interview with Mashable, he said: “I often see people drop their AirPods, so I thought it would be funny to make it look like people are dropping their AirPods all over the city and see if people would try to pick them up.

He shared several pics and videos and how citizens fell for it. Apart from that, he also shared a link where he wrote-  “If anyone wants to print their own 2d AirPods here is a free template ( AirPod Pros included”.

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