They say if you’ve been friends for more than five years, you’ll probably remain friends for life and that is the case with you and your friend. You aren’t the best of friends but you are the kind of friends who know that you will always know each other, even years from now, and will always be a part of each other’s lives.

1. Distance has never mattered between the two of you.

You can be a thousand miles apart but you will always remember each other and try to maintain your friendship.

2. You guys trust each other no matter what.

You don’t mind telling each other about your lives and know the other will keep it to themselves.

3. You might not know everything about each other but you damn well know that you both have got each other’s back.

best friends harvey and mike

You know if you ever need them, they’ll be by your side in a heartbeat.

4. You don’t need to meet each other every day or even every week but when you do meet, it’s like nothing has changed.

friends meeting after a long time

You can pick the conversation right where you left off without a hint of awkwardness.

5. You feel comfortable enough to be your crazy self around each other.

You have established a comfort level where you can do whatever you want with each other.

6. You know you can count on them in case of an emergency.

best friends

They’re the kind of friend who will drop everything for you if you ask them to.

7. You take offense personally if anyone says anything against them.

No one gets away insulting any of your friends and you see to that.

8. You regularly tag each other memes and that’s your little way of keeping in touch even when you don’t have the time to meet or call each other.

There are little things that remind you of them and you make sure they know that they’re on your mind even if you don’t see them regularly.

9. You’re there for the important events and know the big things and that’s all that matters.

You might not know the little things about each other’s life but you know everything major there is to know.

10. You know in your heart that you two will always be friends no matter where in the world you live or how much time passes by.

Even when you’re old and gray, you know the two of you will always be in each other’s life.

Cheers. To you, and your friendship!

image sources: Giphy | Tumblr