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This 35-year-old man’s speech started on January 5, 2019, and ended on January 9. What was remarkable that it continued almost without a break.

A former guest lecturer from Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, Yatish Chandra Shukla breaks the world record for the Longest Speech Marathon by speaking over 100 hours. He gave the speech standing on a podium that he has memorized in its entirety. Shukla was confident that he will not run out of topics during the speech marathon spanned across 4 days.

Yatish Chandra Shukla | source

During the talk, he shortlisted 67 subjects ranging from politics, terrorism, the impact of cinema on youth to the importance of exercise and teamwork. Every hour, the candidate is allowed a five-minute break but Shukla didn’t take regular breaks. Before taking his first break, he spoke non-stop for 13 hours.

Where’s the proof? Through online streaming, the members of Guinness World Record team monitored him. The current world record for the longest speech marathon of 90 hours and 2 minutes is held by Ananta Ram KC from Kathmandu who made the record in August 2018.

Previously in June 2018, Shukla had set the world record for delivering the Longest Marathon Lecture by delivering a lecture that lasted 148 hours, 14 minutes and 33 seconds. Apart from that, he also holds the world record for Reading Aloud Marathon after he read aloud for 123 hours 33 minutes and 44 seconds.

While creating the new record, he took 32 breaks, which was followed by a fest in a small town in UP. The certificate was handed over by the officials of the Golden Book of World Record in presence of SDM, Sadar, Dr. Arun Kumar Singh. The journey to Guinness Book Of World Records will take time due to its lengthy verification process.