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While some people believe from the core of their heart that rules are meant to be broken, but if you want to co-exist in society, it is needless to say that there are some unspoken social rules that people expect you to follow.

But, Shakespeare once rightly said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache“. You will also vouch for this today after reading these witty and yet thought-stirring responses. While some will take you by surprise, others will shock the hell out of you!

Someone felt the need to ask on Quora about the unwritten social rules everyone should know. We have teamed it up with our suggestions along with the responses. Going through this will either make or break your day.

1. Order wisely when someone is treating you.

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Never order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is treating you for lunch/dinner. If possible ask them to order their choice of food for you,” says Swasini Sudarsan.

2. Never give advice until you’re asked.

Keep calm and oil your own machine. All people are not going through a crisis, even if they are, they just might know how to pull themselves out of it. So, not bothering them with your unsolicited advice is highly advised!

3. That is not your phone.

“Don’t swipe left or right when someone hands over their phone to you for viewing the picture. And also don’t browse through their messages and call log list. Thanks!” says Swasini Sudarsan.

4. Ignoring Homeless people is not good.

“Don’t just ignore homeless people, say ‘no, sorry have a good day’. It can be incredibly demoralizing to be ignored all day every day and just to have someone say ‘sorry’ or ‘hi’ can be a welcome pick me up. You don’t need to sit down and have a long chat with them, but just be polite as you would with anyone else.” Louis Scott, Founder, and CEO at

5. Respect people, not their position.

“Treat the cleaner with the same respect as the CEO. Nobody is impressed at how rudely you can treat someone below you but people will notice if you treat them with respect.”  

6. Undergarments that women wear are just a piece of clothing.

“If a girl’s strap is out, don’t stare at it. It gives same feeling “when you guys forget to close the pant’s zip.”-  Nivetha Babu, an engineering student from Tamil Nadu.

7. Everyone deserves respect.

“Remove your slipper/sandal from your foot and then give it to them for stitching, polishing or anything don’t make them remove it for you, they are also humans. Respect them!”   says Nivetha.

8. Speakerphone is not for public use.

Do you know who invented headphones? – Nathaniel Baldwin, so that you can maintain your privacy when making phone calls or listening to music. Try carrying that on your journey. Also, the speakerphone is not invented for you to disturb 100 other people traveling with you. Spare them the horror, they don’t need to listen to your mother’s or partner’s voice. Also, they are not interested to know your playlist.

9. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.

What can be worse on God’s green earth than being sprayed by an impolite, wet sneeze? Also, remember people who fart, they don’t do it intentionally in public. Try not to stare at them like they have been caught selling drugs!

10. Stop saying ‘thoda adjust Karo bhai‘ every time and everywhere.

“While using public transport, avoid asking those seated ‘Thoda adjust karo bhai’ (please adjust a bit). Seats are designed for a specific number of people. Three people trying to sit on a seat designed for two, will make the journey painful for all the three.” –  Vipin Joseph, Team Lead at UW I-TECH in New Delhi.

There is more from Vipin-

11. They are just doing their job.

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“Don’t be rude to telemarketing executives. Politely say ‘No’ if you are not interested in what they are trying to sell. You have the option of not answering such calls with the help of applications like True Caller.”.  

12. There are plenty of creeps on this planet already.

“If you are sitting on an aisle seat in a flight, don’t lean towards the passage to rub your shoulders against the cabin crew members.”

13. Ever heard of Cooperation?

“While car-pooling, it is not necessary to occupy the backseat that is diagonally opposite the driver to establish your importance. You should be willing to move to the other side for other passengers to get in.”

14. There is nothing cool about body shaming people.

“When someone you know has an obvious change in appearance, e.g., weight gain/loss, bald spot, acne. Never comment on it until they talk about it to you, they already know what has happened to them, feels.”-  Sara Maqsood, a student from Pakistan.

15. Curiosity can look bad at times.

“Never, and I mean Never even touch anyone’s mobile until they say so,” mentions Sara.

16. Give people space. Some enjoy their own company too!

“If someone is being quiet and doesn’t look like in a mood to talk, don’t nag them by asking ‘what’s wrong?’ every freaking second. Give them some space and ask once or twice max. If they want to, they’ll come up and share it with you.”  – Anuja Tripathi, IIT Dhanbad. 

17. Remember, gluttony is a sin!

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First offer others then take your first bite from the pizza. Also, dear foodies, taking the biggest slice of pizza is still acceptable but eyeing on the second biggest slice is too much. Pizza is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so control your feelings and don’t be greedy!

18. Understand that nobody looks forward to Spoilers

If you are a movie buff and have seen a movie for the 100th time, that is completely understandable. But inviting your friend or partner at your place and repeating the dialogues or the punch line 2 seconds before it’s flashed on screen is cruel and not cool at all.

19. Staring was never polite, never will be!

If you are caught while staring at someone, it doesn’t mean you are invited to openly gaze at someone. In case you have seen some of those Bollywood movies where eve teasing and staring meant love, please forget everything you have seen till now. There is still hope for people like you!

20. Think before you act.

“When someone compliments you, just thank them. Or say, “That is very kind of you.” If you respond by being self-deprecating, you’re actually insulting their taste.” – believes Allyson Miller, a Quora user.

21. Men read this. This one is for you!

source: Quora

“Always skip using the toilet beside the occupied one. It makes it uneasy for the person in the occupied one as well as yourself if you occupy the one right next to theirs.” – wrote Swasini Sudarsan, a student at the University of Toronto.

22.  God is watching if no one else is.

Your love for candies, chocolates or sweets are appreciated but don’t pack the licked ones when you plan to gift someone, especially when someone’s looking. Remember, Karma is a b*tch! 

23 Password also needs privacy.

“If someone is typing a password, just look away, turn the other side,” says Aayush Dutt, an engineering student from Dhanbad. (Almost every one of us can relate to this one, isn’t it?)