With so much pressure in this chaotic life, it can be difficult to know exactly where to turn when you need a pick-me-up. Some people like to treat themselves to something to give them a little boost but they can often feel guilty about it afterward.

Here are some reasons why you should ignore these bad feelings and instead just focus on why you should treat yourself.

treat yourself

image source: Pixabay

You’ve Earned It

You might have just had a very stressful month at work. If you have been building up to something which has finally paid off, whether that is a promotion or a project proposal gone well, there is always going to be some reason why you deserve a little treat.

Rewarding yourself can seem a little egotistical but it helps you to celebrate your success. Take every opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back and actually reward yourself when you have done something to deserve credit. It will help to build your confidence and self-belief.

It Can Be Rare

If you are rewarding yourself for every significant thing then the effect is going to wear off soon. You might instead want to save your treats for the big life moments. If you can keep the rewards rare, you will get far more satisfaction out of them when you do get one.

You can also vary them quite a bit to keep things feeling fresh. If you went for a massage one treat, you could treat yourself to a new high-end cosmetics product the next. Building up a cycle of treats can be an effective way to keep your rewards feeling rare and unique, no matter how often you are treating yourself.

You Can Choose It

While we like to receive treats from our loved ones, it can be a little bit tense if it turns out that they don’t know you as well as you thought they did. They might buy you the wrong item or buy something wildly inappropriate. Gift-giving is extremely hard to get right but treating yourself will always guarantee that you will get what you want.

For example, you might have your eye on Saint Laurent bags. This popular bag designer has many fantastic pieces in their collection but only a few ones might appeal to your sense of style. If you treat yourself, you can decide which one you like the most, instead of trusting that your loved ones will buy exactly the right one for you.

Treating yourself is an important act of self-love which not enough people are indulging in. It is not an inherently bad thing to do, yet many can feel hesitant in case it makes them look spoiled.

If you have achieved something in your life which you are proud of, make sure you treat yourself now. No matter what it might be, it is a good way to quickly boost up your mood and get you ready to take on the next of life’s challenges.