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When people begin to redefine some predetermined days and events, that’s when the society changes and a new culture begins to shape up.

One such changemaker is Sunitha Simon who is based in Hyderabad. Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate the love between a man and a woman or a boy and a girl. And this has inspired Sunitha to take up something different and helpful making sure it still remains synonym to love.

sunitha 40 acts of kindness

It was the love I witnessed that inspired me to do a little more and spread love to the homeless.

With everything evolving, she also evolved the way she carried out her little act of happiness. In the age of the internet, she tapped on the most viral thing to do. Using a # (hashtag). While some #tags die when the heat cools off, some remains burning forever just like our very own Indian #RiceBucketChallenge.

To spread the happiness fever, Sunitha came up with a hashtag #40actsofkindness. The idea is to help a homeless for 40 days, although the helping time is flexible from person to person. It can be just a week or even a 100 days.

The #40actsofkindness campaign that began on February 14th now has more than 50 active members from several countries. And is growing. It works, in the same way, the globally famous Ice Bucket challenge works. To spread it to maximum people, the participant first performs his/her act of kindness, then promotes it by challenging more than a person to take it up.

Sunitha told The News Minute, “It was an impromptu decision. The Valentine’s Day fever had gripped the city. Everybody was celebrating it… people were spreading the love by giving flowers and chocolates to strangers, which even I did. And it just occurred to me that why not I spread the love with something which could make people happy. So instead of gifting them chocolates, I gave a homeless person a proper meal. It gave me a lot of happiness when I helped a person. So I thought, why not spread the love and help more people. So I challenged my friends online with the hashtag #40actsofkindness.

She believes every small deed counts. And strongly hopes that the trend won’t stop just after 40 days but sustain for a long time reaching thousands of people who can further help a lot of homeless and needy people.

Sunitha has managed to change the way we look at Valentine’s Day, indeed!

It’s your turn now for some Good Karma. Are you going to accept the challenge of #40actsofkindness?

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