Being a small town girl, I was always unaware of a 9 to 5 city life.

Life was so simple in a small town. We woke up early, went for morning walk, had our tea together, etc. But when I shifted to a metro city after my marriage, I was totally puzzled to see its chaotic busy life. I was struggling to adjust to my new routine. I had no option other than to adopt that metro lifestyle.

mindful habits

I started working in a corporate. Soon I realized that I have forgotten my healthy habits on which I was working on since my childhood. I found myself stressed. I gained my weight, my skin became full of acne. My eating and sleeping patterns had been changed.

I had no clue what was happening with me.

With the only purpose to lose weight, I started practicing Yoga. After a year, I realized that the purpose to came into yoga practice was not that simple. It was bigger than that. My increasing interest in yoga showed me the path. I developed some healthy habits which I want to share with everyone who is reading my article. Those habits transformed me from a stressed fatty girl to a yoga teacher. I hope these habits will also help you a lot.

Disclaimer: If you do anything for at least 30 days, it becomes your habit. So if you want to adopt any of these habits, please give at least 30 days.

1. Stop blaming yourself

When we feel low, the very first thing we do is to curse ourselves. Like I am unable to do this, I am looking so ugly, I am so fat, I am worthless, etc. While cursing yourself have you ever thought whatever you are giving (good or bad) to yourself, the universe is also giving you the same. From today start praising yourself for whatever you have, work hard to achieve what you want and stop cursing or demotivating yourself.

2. Give your body 30 minutes to move

Whichever form of workout you like, do it at least for 30 minutes daily. It will not only help to boost your energy level or blood circulation but also keep you away from negative thoughts.

3. Start your day with fresh fruit

After 7-8 hours of sleep, when we wake up, we rush to have a cup of coffee or tea. Earlier I used to do the same. My morning was incomplete without having a cup of tea. It made my digestion and metabolism too weak. Then my ayurvedic doctor suggested me to eat fruit to start my day. Having fruit as the first thing in the morning gives you a healthy start and improve your digestion. Try once.

4. Go slow

Living in a big city including me in the rat race, where everyone is in a hurry, people don’t have time to eat their food properly. They drive their vehicle because they are getting late for their office. Try to slow down in life and manage your time properly. Chew your food to the fullest, drive slowly and make time for your family. These little changes improve your quality of life.

5. Read before sleeping

Most of us spend our night time with our phone watching a Netflix series and compromise with our sleep. Sleeping well not only make our mood light but also improve our overall health and productivity at work. From today replace your phone with a good book while going to bed. You will wake up wiser, every morning.

Hope you will find my experience worth adopting in your lifestyle. Let me know your views on it.