Sweating-is-not-fat-loss-lifebeyondnumbersLosing fat and the achievement of a lean, toned body is the result of consistent hard work and dedication. We see a lot of our favorite athletes and movie stars sweating it out in the TV commercials and movies flaunting their chiseled bodies. They definitely look good and they even motivate us. However, TV commercial and movies are bound to show things in a dramatic manner. Repeated viewing of dramatized hard work has left us with the impression that sweating is directly proportional to the amount of hard work that is being put. But is it true? And further still, does sweating correlate to fitness and fat loss in anyway?

There is a device that looks like a weight lifting belt which heats up and claims to melt away the extra flab around the areas of the body with most amount of fat deposition like tummy or thighs. A lot of people do believe that sweating inside this belt will result in fat loss. That is why they buy this belt and hope to ‘melt away’ the fat from their bodies while they are sitting in the couch, watching their favorite TV show. Now, think about it – if fat loss was so easy and these belts and other gadgets shown in those late night infomercials were to work – wouldn’t all the gyms, health clubs and fitness professionals lose their business & livelihoods? Why isn’t everyone on the planet just fat-melting their way to better health and fitness? There’s a reason why that’s not happening. It’s because THESE GADGETS DON’T WORK. And what about those people who go to the gym and do their workouts regularly, but still think that more sweating will give them more or better results? Let’s study the facts and find out:

What Is Sweating?

Perspiration or sweating is the body’s natural cooling system. Its main purpose is thermoregulation (regulation of body temperature). The temperature of the body rises while exercising, due to weather or as a result of using of heating belts. 😉 Body temperature being elevated for too long can cause harm to the organs. The body produces sweat that leaves the skin through tiny pores, then evaporates and cools the body down. Sweat is produced in the sweat glands present in our skin and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fat cells present in our bodies beneath the skin.

When water is lost from the body, the body loses some weight. That is why, weighing yourself right before and after a workout will show some difference in the body weight. But this weight loss is very temporary because it is just loss of water and not body fat. When you rehydrate yourself by drinking water, that weight will be added.

Sweat is consisted mainly of water and also electrolytes. Body fat DOES NOT melt when one sweats. And also the weight loss that might be observed after a workout due to excessive sweating is just water loss, nothing more.

Sweating is a good thing and is necessary for the body. It maintains temperature balance and helps keep the bodily functions in order. However, too much of sweating or forced sweating can have health risks like dehydration, loss of too many electrolytes which could have serious health implications. Hydrating the body is very important while doing strenuous physical activity like exercise.

Myth Busted:

The way to a healthy and fit body has no short cuts. You have to sweat it out. But the results don’t come from the sweating. Sweating has nothing to do with fat loss. Fat loss comes with the right combination of exercise and nutrition, and most importantly consistent efforts.