Years ago, traveling was not an economical option. And not everyone had the privilege to celebrate their bachelor’s party in Thailand, 1st anniversary in Greece, and second honeymoon in Italy. However, today, it’s possible and much affordable too.

Firstly, let’s take a moment to thank technology from the bottom of our hearts! Another dramatic change in the world of globetrotters is the abundance of tour operators and travel agencies. Travel companies provide incredible services to ensure you have a good time at any international or domestic location. They arrange every small detail of your trip with the utmost care and precision. Right from time to money, everything is managed by the travel agents, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!

But, guess what! Not all of us enjoy a package designed by tour operators. They take away the entire fun of planning a trip (of course they leave the shopping part on you) and leave you only with the feeling of anticipation. Well, let me enlighten you.

plan your trip

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Planning an itinerary is as much a fun part of traveling as the journey is.

Every traveler should, at least once in their lifetime, enjoy the nitty-gritty of planning a trip themselves. And here are the reasons to convince you!

1. Relatively cheaper

When it comes to traveling, the cost is definitely the biggest worry. Isn’t it?

Tour operators do not just offer itinerary, hotels, activities, and flights but they also provide a service that eases your hassle of organizing the trip. They do have special rates and discounts due to their ongoing networks and mass booking. Yet, you end up paying an extra fee for the convenience offered and the overheads they bear.

With the outset of Airbnb’s and Homestays, it is rather easy to find cheaper accommodations online. As far as flights are concerned, speaking with an experience, you can catch better or similar deals (compared to travel agents) through Skyscanner. And, the internet has plenty of blogs and vlogs to support you in planning your itinerary.

2. Move around as per your wish and time

Flexibility and independence are definitely something you miss out on when traveling in a group. There is a strict routine that you need to follow and wake up as per a schedule.

In my opinion, traveling should give you a sense of relaxation and not dictate rules on how to do it. Well, if you feel the same way, then traveling with your self-designed itinerary is always a better idea.

3. Sit Back and Relax

When you plan the itinerary on your terms and conditions, you leave enough gaps to smell the roses. If visiting Thailand does not allow you to relax on the beach the entire day, then what’s the fun of going that far. Don’t you agree? In fact, I have known a few frequent travelers who believe in being in the moment and not rushing through one destination to another.

4. Chose activities as per your interest

Building your trip itinerary is advisable if you are a man of unique interests. The tour operators may plan a visit to a jungle and show around quickly the fundamental spots from a touristy viewpoint. But what if you are the type of person who enjoys a trek or does not enjoy the jungle at all?

Well, in such cases, you should definitely plan your trip. At least enjoy the privilege of experiencing activities that you like and not advised by a third person.

Note: There is an option to customize your trip, booked through travel agents, but mind you- it comes with a cost.

5. Learn traveling by making small mistakes

A genuine traveler travels to experience life in a new culture and atmosphere, and anything new is always associated with risks and mistakes. Travelling will bring everlasting enjoyment, that stays in your memory for a lifetime. And, some bitter experiences that teach you to grow as a human and also as an adventurer.

Note: As far as security and safety are concerned, every country’s law and order are explicitly provided on the internet in numerous blogs and official tourist sites. Read them carefully before you start the journey.

Are You A First Time International Traveller?

We understand newbies need help with planning and organizing. They prefer offloading the task of paperwork and itinerary on someone else- and who better than the travel experts.

My advice would be to book your first one with a travel agent and observe each detail keenly so that you attain the confidence of planning the next one on your own. Another way to loosen up the anxiety of planning an itinerary is by organizing a self-planned domestic trip. This less risky effort will surely boost your self-confidence.

Traveling is synonymous to exploring. Every new chosen road paves the path for learning something new. It also has an incredible impact on your perception as you meet and greet unique and distinguished people in your journey. Even the flight delays are part of the magnificent journey you take.

So, tightly hold the rope in your hand and climb the mountain as per your pace and time. Have the courage to design the next trip by yourself and share with us your extraordinary experience.

Keep traveling and keep adding more memories.