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Creativity can come from anyone and inspiration, from anywhere. This is exactly what this 52-year old head constable from a rural area proves. Posted in Hubli Rural Police station, Chandrakant Hutgi found a way to handle pressure and make his job more interesting by converting the deadly lathi into a beautiful flute and playing a soothing tune on it.

The video was shared by IPS (Indian Police Service) officer Bhaskar Rao, the Additional Director General of Police, Bangalore. No doubt the post became viral and was lauded by netizens.

The 1:05-minute long clip is captioned “Chandrakant Hutgi, Head Constable from Hubli Rural Police station has converted his Deadly Fiber Lathi into a Musical Instrument… we are proud of him…”

Many are happy to see a happy face in police department and some have also appreciated Rao for sharing the video and encouraging his team.

Here’s how Twitteratis responded to the musical post-