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Being the biggest city in any country has its faults, but they are insignificant compared to benefits. The same applies to Sydney, the biggest city in Australia which attracts millions of visitors each year. Even the Australians can’t get enough of this amazing city and have a problem to decide what to see first.


Being the oldest Australian metropolis also adds to the city’s special vibe and atmosphere. This is something you will easily experience in Sydney with the following magical things you can find there.

1. Go on a Harbour Bridge climb

Harbour Bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Sydney and if you are not afraid of heights, you can climb it. Even the celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Justin Timberlake climbed the Harbour Bridge. There are three main climbs: Discovery, Bridge and Express and each start with a breath test to check your alcohol levels.

Every climber wears official gear which is a grey jumpsuit and attends a brief practice and using belt and clip they attach to the Bridge. The guide will tell you about the city, Bridge’s history and other interesting facts through the headset you have to wear. The best time to go on the Harbour Bridge climb is at dawn or dusk since the view is one of the most magical things in Sydney.

Harbour bridge Sydney

2. Magical things of the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Close to the Chinatown, the visitors can visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship built based on the Ming Dynasty gardens. This is a special and unique place where you can find out more about Chinese culture and heritage. The site was opened in 1988 and presents the symbol of Chinese and Australian friendship.

The entrance is guarded by two statues of lions which represent yin and yang, while one hectare of the area inside is designed by Guangzhou, Sydney’s sister city in China. It has a peaceful lake and a variety of plants that make this site a remarkable oasis to relax and enjoy birdsong.

chinese garden

3. Take a dip in the Bondi Icebergs pool

Bondi Beach is an experience on its own, but the gorgeous Icebergs pool there will leave you breathless. This is a huge saltwater pool built just enough above the sea that the crashing waves touch you but don’t bother you to swim. And that is actually how the pool fills up with seawater, as well.

There is a kiddy pool there as well which makes this a fun experience for the whole family. Although the pool is part of the Bondi Icebergs Club, everyone is welcome and the entrance fee is affordable and worth it. The pool is closed on Thursdays for cleaning, but otherwise, it’s open from early morning hours to 6:30 p.m.

Bondi Sydney

4. Hidden Haven of Wendy’s Secret Garden

When artists Brett Whiteley died, his widow Wendy decided to turn an overgrown land around their home in Lavender Bay into something magical. And so the Wendy’s Secret Garden was created overlooking the Harbour Bridge and offering a hidden haven for Sydneysiders. If you stay at one of the North Shore accommodations such as Good Life Suites you can easily explore this peaceful area of Sydney.

The Garden is maintained by Wendy and two gardeners for over two decades and they planted some diverse plant life here. Among the lilies and figs, visitors can have a sit on one of the benches or cobbled stairs and enjoy the lush nature in the middle of the busy metropolis. It also has a lot of artwork like wooden carvings, bronze busts and many more made by local artists that will enhance the overall experience.

Lavender Bay

5. Discover the street art scene

Lister, Numbskull, and Skulk are some of the famous street artists in Sydney whose work is available in Newtown and Enmore. The street art is there to be seen by everyone, but if you want some more details you can join a three-hour tour. The art shows off astonishing colors and stories, like for example Save Our Coral Reef by Phibs and George Ross which was covered by the council.

Graffiti Sydney

6. Go behind the scenes of Sydney Opera House

Sydney backstage tours offer an opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of the most important theatres in the city. One of them is Sydney Opera House, the famous landmark and one the main cultural spots. The visitors will see areas that are reserved for performers and other parts of the Opera House closed off for the public.

The guide will tell you stories and reveal Opera House’s secrets which will only make this tour a richer experience. You will take a look of the Concert Hall, Playhouse, the Studio and Opera and Drama Theatres where all the magic happens.

Opera house

All in all

With so many magical things to experience in Sydney, you will have difficulty to choose which ones to do first. However, the best thing about Sydney is that it wants you to find all these wonderful places so whenever you find the time, they will be there.