How many of you remember the travel plan you made on the last day of high school with your gang? A friend’s trip you had envisioned 5 years down the line? Did you make it?

Well, there will never be a good time to execute the plan. No doubt, busy schedules, and family commitments will always pull you back, but that one trip will render lifelong memories, till you meet again.

school friends traveling together

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I thank my stars every day for giving me the privilege to go on a trip with my school friends. And, here I am advocating this extraordinary experience with you all and hoping, by the end of this read you will create a WhatsApp group saying– See You All in GOA! (Yeah, Goa plans do work out).

The companionship of School Friends

Meeting someone on a solo trip sounds adventurous, but also attracts the risk of encountering unpredictable events. Traveling with family is always a soothing option but does not permit carelessness. Company of office colleagues can be a wee bit overwhelming on a trip. Only the company of school friends ensures you are a free bird with no pretense.

The common benefits of traveling in a group are always there. You can divvy up the travel items, get excellent itinerary inputs, divide the expenses, and most importantly, both the luggage & you are always safe. But traveling with schoolmates is a unique experience.

School friends can make the most incredible work of art a mere piece of a joke and the most boring destination a memory of a lifetime. Not only do they take you down the good old memory lane, but also keep you secure at all times. Fear of a catastrophe is ten times lesser with them because they always have your back just like they did while planning those pranks during school days.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to the perfect reasons why traveling with school friends is the best thing that can happen to you. Having your old friends on your trip is a genuine blessing. Doesn’t matter how much ever they change, a part of them will always remain the same.

1. Pre-Departure Planning Phase Is an Experience Itself

The trip begins with the planning phase.

As soon as people are on-board and WhatsApp groups are active, the fun starts! The hilarious conversations, demands, expectations, geographical distances, and fight over locations & hotels is a unique experience which you cannot miss out on.

During this phase, you can recognize the tightwads, ones with the tantrums, the party animal and the lazy bums who rarely participate in scheduling the trip yet show their face on the main day.

If you get through this phase, with or without hiccups, you are all geared up to start the trip.

2. Perfect Travel Partner for Any Crisis

Traveling is associated with the journey- even if it’s a rented car or a bus- the ride needs to be the highlight of the trip. A 12-hour monotonous public bus journey or a delayed flight with your school friends is just the right way to break the ice after so many years. Or, at least it saves the horror of seating next to a complete stranger.

school friends traveling together

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I remember vaguely from a few of my trips; the first day of the trip was always the toughest as our endless conversations on the night bus never came to an end.

With school gang, the risk of falling in a pit is minimal. Whether it’s the broken transportation, long queues, cash shortage, or a medical emergency, everything can be taken care of.

3. Get adventurous with no fear

In a solo trip or a family outing, the idea of adventure is restricted. Chances of being a little careless are mostly uninvited. However, with school mates, adventures are bound to happen. And if it does not, then where’s the fun!

Acting drunk, losing the way, getting stuck in a snowstorm or heavy rainfall are all part and parcel of a memorable trip. In fact, a journey is never complete without indulging in adventure sports. Water sports and aero sports are undoubtedly my favorite. Every banana boat ride with my school gang is the fondest and funniest memories I cherish. And, you may want to carry your pain relief kit on these adventurous quests.

I still remember an episode from one of my camping trips, where I wanted to hike all the way to the lakeside. However, one of my friend’s was reluctant to accompany me considering how slippery it was. But there was a reason I kept marching forward without stressing about what could happen because I knew they had my back. I did slip and also lost a pair of slippers that day, but the memory of that hysterical fall and my friend’s support will always stay with me.

4. You can remain indebted to a school friend

Traveling with friends can get rough if you are in the company of a deep-pocketed but short-armed person. Real agenda behind the trip may take a backseat if a tightwad spoils the enthusiasm of the group.

One thing I bet we all experienced growing up with school friends is that they have witnessed our ups as well as downs. Money is literally the last concern on the trip because the shared energy and bond is far more critical. And as a bonus, you are rewarded with timeless memories to take home.

As far as the pending cash is concerned, the market is flooding with innovative expense settling apps like Splitwise which come in very handy for settling dues in the end.

5. You recognize their best and worst sides

Staying apart after school definitely brings transformation in people. Not to mention, the influence of the profession has a significant role to play. But, honestly, not everything seems new.

You may realize that after all these years the cry baby of the group is still complaining, the fighter is still quarreling, and the comedian is still making efforts to keep the temperature cool.

The best part of traveling with your school gang is that you can see their mirror reflection better than anyone else. You can easily recognize their strengths & weaknesses and work out plans accordingly. Handling tantrums also turns out to be a piece of cake when it is your schoolmate.

Silly matters like a good restaurant, accommodation, and expenses can be solved in a breeze.

6. Be yourself, no pretending!

I don’t know about you, but my experience says I am the most carefree and honest person in front of my school friends.

No one needs to be pretentious or act pricey. Instead, unmask the social shackles in the company of old friends. Be your self and let the others enjoy too.

school friends traveling together

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Dressing up, table manners, language corrections, and showing off assets & status is not a subject of discussion with the school gang. The focus is entirely on relaxation and amusement rather than who is wearing what for the party. And guess what, school friends barely care. Even if you do your best to look dapper, they won’t stop making fun anyway!

Zero efforts and 100% fun guaranteed.

7. Never-ending hilarious & honest conversations

Unwinding and winding with schoolmates is the best therapy one can get. All those inside jokes and heartfelt conversations will stay for a lifetime.

Walking down the memory lane and recreating old days over a bonfire conversation is simply priceless. Laughing your gut out, remembering the past days is a memory you can cherish your entire life. So, a camping night with your school gang should definitely be on your next bucket list!

Go ahead and add some colors to your otherwise routine life by traveling to a destination with your schoolmates. Ring up a couple of old friends NOW and stitch some COOL stories for your grandchildren!