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Wondering what to watch on Netflix next?

Here’s a list of brilliant true-crime shows that will fill you with a range of emotions as you witness unbelievably intelligent minds working together. Whether a particular incident in history interests you or understanding the psyche of a serial killer sounds exciting, these shows promise a fascinating new perspective.

1. I Am A Killer

Image Source: Bustle

Wrongful convictions, unsolved murders, missing people and more. This true-crime show offers a mosaic of insights into the lives of death row convicts. Instead of building suspense, the show focuses on history’s most notorious convicts recounting their stories. If you enjoy crime-drama, mystery, and even a realistic perspective, this show will totally appeal to you for its raw nature.

2. Nurses Who Kill

This British documentary delves into the chilling side of medical professionals. It tells the story of nurses in history who used their position to kill instead of heal. Things get super intriguing as top medical, criminal and psychological experts analyze and discuss their motives and methods.

3. Exhibit A

The horror of being wrongly convicted for serious crimes is unimaginable. This four-part documentary series explores the ways in which dubious forensics and other crime investigation tools are manipulated to frame innocent people.

4. Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

This 4-episode documentary revolves around the 2003 Pizza Bomber Heist that had shocked Americans and the world alike. First believed to be the story of a pizza delivery man forced to commit a crime, the story takes an unbelievably darker turn once the truth about the whole accident is brought to light.

5. Inside the Mind of A Serial Killer

Image Source: Inverse

Get ready to look into the tormented psyches of the most dreaded serial killers in the world. Every episode of this documentary series brings together dramatic re-enactments and real footage to tell the story of a new killer every time.

6. The Confession Tapes

This true-crime series investigates cases where murder-accused convicts claim that their confessions were coerced, false and involuntary! For each case, the documentary also plays out an alternate set of events that could have led to the particular murder. It also features experts on false confessions who also closely examine criminal law, psychology, body language and miscarriages of law.

7. American Crime Story

Image Source: Wired

This is an American anthology true crime television series presents itself as a self-contained mini-series in every season. For instance, the first season i.e. The People Vs. O.J. Simpson presents the murder trial of O. J. Simpson that was held in the L.A. County Superior Court during the 1990s. The second season focuses on The Assassination of Gianni Versace and the third re-examines Katrina and other projects.

The fascination with the idea of good vs. evil has been in existence since forever. True-crime shows and documentaries tend to bring out that concept in an engaging manner. And the fact that these shows are so close to life, it is a great way to gain some perspective and open up our minds for every possibility.

Which true-crime show/movie is your favorite? Got more to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.