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You might think that this title is talking about a diet. In fact, it is. Toxins can be elements that harm you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Toxicity in your environment can reduce you from your healthful self to a mere shell of the same. Here are some tried and tested must-try unique cleanses that can help clear your body, mind and spirit and lead a better life.

detox your life

1. Determine The Diet

First and foremost, pick a three day or one week cleanse.  After an arduous period of total letting go, festivals and rampant binging, we all feel like butterballs.  The first step to loving your body and worshiping it is to cardio it out and get the noxious elements out of your body.

During this period, adhere to an intensive diet focusing on eating organically and drinking lots of fluids, especially water and green tea. Sweating is another way of clearing out your pores and so, maybe it’s time you shed your inhibitions and get inside a sauna.

2. Cease The Substance

The millennials are flouncing through life in a haze of smoke, and inebriation is the order of the day. Social drinking and smoking is a great way to interact with minds being numbed for the rest of the evening. Relationships are made and ended within hours of meeting since drugged conversations mean nothing.

So maybe, you need to see the world with clearer unglazed eyes. A month of complete sobriety is probably just what the doctor ordered. And if that sounds hard, maybe you should seek an appointment soon.

3. Take Away Technology

Let’s not lie. We all are addicted to that screen. Some of us also taking medication for shaky thumbs. But we want to change too. The proposal is a week of complete termination of technology in the form of virtual communication.

Yeah, no texting. Take a vacation and SEE. Really see what’s around you without having the urge to Instagram it. No filter can capture what your eyes can comprehend.

4. The Mirror Effect

Ever heard of a mirror fast? We hadn’t either. We constantly appraise our physical appearance and tend to follow what we see around us. Emulation has made the mirror an inextricable part of our lives. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t look at yourself each day?

This is an experiment that would be worth carrying out since at the end of a week, you would be exactly what you think you are and you wouldn’t need a mirror to prove it.

5. Reconsider The Relationship

Toxic relationships in any form can suck the life out of you. The constant presence of something that worries you sick is probably worth reconsidering. Is the friend, family member, lover really worth the trouble? The times are a changin’.  Friends grow apart. Couples break up. The twenties are for finding new people and making more of these times right before the pressures of life hit us in the gut. Get rid of these toxic people who don’t make you happy and you shall automatically find happiness.

6. Disappear

The toxins of the environment around us can sap our energies slowly. What we need is a vacation. Into the wilds or up the mountains, the crisp air can rejuvenate your body and mind. A camping trip with friends or the ever seductive road trip is calling you and you MUST answer.

7. One At A Time

All these detoxes are steps that you can physically take to reach what your heart desires.  One step that you must keep in your conscience is to eliminate your vices one by one. They can be small steps like deciding to keep your wardrobe clean or something big, such as enrolling in a detox facility. Do not hesitate to ask for help, if you falter. To take the decision itself is the crucial point.

If you think these can lead you to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle then do pass on the message. Do add more ideas in the comments that have inspired you to change that one little itch.