When it comes to hair loss, like women, men too find it difficult to cope with the change. Fret no more. Engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have come up with a novel hair-growth-stimulating technology that is non-invasive and cost-effective as well. 

According to the website, a professor of materials science and engineering at UW-Madison, Xudong Wang mentioned that “I think this will be a very practical solution to hair regeneration.” 

In the ACS Nano, a journal, Wang, along with his colleagues, published a description of this cool technology.

How does the device work?

Based on devices that gather energy from a body’s day-to-day motion, this new hair-growth technology will stimulate the skin with low-frequency electric pulses that will be gentle in nature. This will coax dormant follicles to reactivate hair production.

Wang says that it is a self-activated system and is ergonomically designed for easy use. “The energy is very low so it will cause minimal side effects,” he says. 

This will be a path-breaking technology and therefore, will change the quality of life for people who are in the first stage of their baldness. The best part is this tech is so low profile that one can discreetly wear it underneath the crown of an ordinary baseball cap.