There are many moments where we might think we lost the game in life, nothing is ever going to improve, and it’s just not worth it to keep going. Ironically, those moments are doors to a whole new level in life where things change and we’re given the chance to grow. As they say, if you can’t go any lower, the only way to go is up.

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Dealing with addiction can be one of those moments. Addiction recovery turns pain and loss into bricks that when put together give form to a staircase that will always lead us out of the hole into a new place where happiness, dreams, and goals become reachable and doable, through dedication and hard work.

amazing life habits learned

Going through a rehabilitation program can teach us a lot of things. The most important one, for me, was how to deal, cope and face our addiction; but right along with it, recovery teaches us to learn how to develop a better outlook on life, how to be grateful for what we have, and amongst many other things, how to improve our own life by working on improving ourselves.

These changes start to happen once we open our minds and hearts, in return, it will bring along new habits, perspectives, and thoughts. All of which are linked with one another as a strong chain that helps to pull us forward.

Here are some of the amazing life habits that I learned during rehab but can be used by anyone:


When working on our improvement, one of the things that we have to start respecting and paying attention to is our body. Addiction does many things to our lives, minds and bodies, so the way for us to get back on track with everything is by working on each of those aspects individually.

Taking on a workout routine will always have all sorts of benefits in our lives. Not only will it improve our health, but it will also have a positive effect on our mood and general attitude towards life. Exercising releases endorphins, which are the hormones that make us feel joy and happiness, thus by exercising we will also be working in our mental health.

Feeling happiness and joy regularly by working out will improve our self-confidence and it will give us a sense of reward, that will be enhanced once we start seeing the physical changes, and on the other hand, it will give us energy and motivation to take on the world every day. In other words, it helps us stay positive no matter what.


Just as we work on our body to improve our health, we also have to work on the mind to live a balanced life. Dealing with addiction can hardwire the brain to think many things, most of which won’t be positive. After getting used to feelings of worthlessness, shame, depression, isolation, and anxiety, the only way to fix it is by working directly on the mind.

Mindful meditation works basically as a gym for the mind. It will make us stronger and give us control over our thoughts, fears, and emotions. It will allow us to be in the present and enjoy the second chance we’ve been given,  and this will be extremely helpful when walking the path of addiction recovery and sobriety.

Having a healthy mind will mean that we will have the strength and balance to face any negative feelings and work through them constructively, without reaching for a bottle or any substances, facing the problems head only will also reduce our anxiety and everyday stress.


If addiction is all about losing, recovery is literally about getting everything back. However, one of the biggest problems we can face during both addiction and recovery is that we might not actually be losing everything we have, but we force ourselves to believe we are.

In our daily lives (and not only a recovering addict life), taking everything for granted and neglecting or denying all the blessings we have is something we should definitely leave behind. Whether we’re dealing with addiction or not. Learning how to be grateful for what and who we have is one of the most important steps on the right path towards a new life full of love, respect, and happiness.

Sometimes in life, it might seem like there’s nothing to be thankful for, but that’s only because we are choosing to see the cup half empty. No matter how bad things are, there’s always something to be grateful for, and there is always something valuable that keeps us fighting.

Set Goals And Work For Them

Setting goals is something we should always do, no matter where we are in life. It will allow us to see our progress while showing us at the same time what we’re capable of. Even if we feel like we can’t do anything, or if depression is taking over, we can still fight back by at least setting small short term goals. We don’t have to make a list right away where the first three items are: Get rich, buy a house, or a fancy car. That’s not at all the purpose of setting goals in life.

A small goal, besides giving us something to look forward to in the immediate future, will also give us confidence and a sense of achievement when we reach the goal and realize that there are indeed many things that we can do if we set ourselves to it. All we need is motivation, determination, dedication and to combine those three to set yourself in motion and take action.

Living a life with addiction can be one of the hardest things anyone has to deal with; not only for the addict but for their loved ones; however, hitting rock bottom is not the end.. If anything it’s life’s way of showing us the end of a path that wasn’t meant for us while giving us a new beginning to make things right. The most important thing is that we learn how to treat ourselves better. Take care of ourselves in both body, mind, and spirit. Only then things will start to flow and a new life where we can actually be happy will begin.

If you’d like to suggest any other healthy habits we can take on in life, regardless of whether we’re dealing with addiction or not, feel free to leave a comment below.

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