And here starts the Monday- the most dreaded day of the week.

The very sound of the word “Monday” can send chills down one’s spine. Undoubtedly, it is the most fretted day of the week where nothing seems right, and nothing makes you smile. Unexpectedly, all the signs of depression are visible on your face- sadness, irritability, restlessness, loss of appetite, and worse of all- you feel sleepy first day at work!

You may have felt the above symptoms while stepping into your workplace every week, but how many times did you ponder about the WHY? Were you able to identify the reason behind your Monday Blues?

How to beat Monday Blues

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What is Monday Blues, and is it for real?

Before you laugh off and think of it as just another trending subject in the corporates, let me enlighten you. Monday blues are real, and psychologists have proof. However, the cause of encountering the feeling varies.

According to most experts and psychologists, Monday morning blues is a phenomenon where an individual tends to feel nervous and frustrated on the first day of the workweek. This feeling may trigger because of the hostile environment at work, ill-treatment by the boss, non-challenging projects, or simply not the choice of job you wished for.

There are several reasons and perceptions on Monday blues; however, not liking the job is the simplest and shortest way to define the cause for Monday Blues.

But guess what I am writing this on a “Monday,” and rather I feel upbeat and energetic about my tasks for the day. I am curious about the week and most of all; I always look forward to Mondays.

Well, if you are yet to feel this way and can’t get rid of your present job, let’s make your Monday awesome with some cool tricks.

Caution: It takes 21 days to build a habit, so practice this for 21 Mondays.

We understand, leaving a job can be financially and emotionally stressful. Instead of quitting the job that pays your bill, let’s find ways to motivate you on a Monday morning.

1. Practice Gratefulness

Every job or opportunity comes with its pros and cons. Isn’t it? For instance, you may be tolerating an annoying boss, but at the same time getting paid lavishly. Or, you are not being paid according to industry standards, but you are learning insanely in the organization.

All jobs have their positives and negatives, but wise is the man who can see the positive and appreciate it every single day. However, you may need that extra push on a Monday morning and appreciate all that you gain out the job.

To benefit a little more from this practice, list down your word of thanks on a journal.

2. Plan Monday on a Friday

There is nothing more torturing than the feeling of confusion and bewilderment on a Monday morning.

It starts with selecting office clothes, what to make for breakfast, what to pack for lunch, which meetings are scheduled, and which tasks need prioritizing. Just reading this can make you gasp for air, just imagine the trauma you go through every Monday morning.

Rather than creating a To-do-list on a Monday, use Friday. Organize your work, send necessary emails, schedule important meetings for Tuesday (not on a Monday, this gives you buffer time to feel normal again) and as far as selecting and ironing clothes are concerned, plan everything a day before- Sunday evening.

The practice will definitely give you psychological satisfaction that your action plan is ready, and you are all set to conquer Monday pangs.

3. Make someone else smile

You may be wondering how in the world, making someone else smile helps me get through Monday?

Well, it is actually simple.

Monday does not have to be your office day, instead change the mission for the day. While you cross the street, take the bus, have your lunch, or even meet a colleague at the pantry, find ways and reasons to make at least three people smile.

And make this practice your assignment for every Monday and see the magic it creates in your life.

Tip: Try training and teaching your subordinates a new concept or method on a Monday. Trust me, the joy of imparting knowledge to a junior is immensely satisfying.

4. No work on the weekend

Numerous managers (of course, the sensible ones) and successful HR organizations discourage employees from working over the weekend. Yet many of us make the mistake of winding up our work on a weekend to take the week easy.

Well, you are unintentionally making a blunder. And here are the two reasons why:

  • One, you give the advantage to your manager to make you work on weekends.
  • Two, you come across emails and assignments for Monday which nauseates way before Monday starts.

No one is paying you for working on a weekend, so stop this insane habit and stick to relaxation and recharge the body and mind.

5. Dress well, and it will end well

One unusual yet effective way to handle Monday is by dressing up well. Select the best dress and look dapper for your Monday meetings and schedules. Not only will you feel happy and confident, but receiving pleasant comments and appreciation will bring the much-needed smile on your face.

Tip: Iron and ready your clothes on a Sunday evening, not Monday morning. Also, set the entire week’s wardrobe together to make it easier for you to choose from.

6. Make plans for Monday evening

Meeting a friend or going out with family on Monday evening is an unusual but wise idea. The day comes to an end in no time only in anticipation of the evening plan.

Let’s say you are unable to find a partner to accompany you for your Monday blues frustration ceremony, schedule a movie or web series that you have been longing to watch since ages because a decent relaxation incentive always makes one work better.

7. Do not use Social Media on Monday

Please! Please! NO use of social media on a Monday. Switching off social media will not only give you Monday blues but ruin your entire day.

Social media posts and pictures just add on to your Monday misery. If you had been feeling low about your job, Facebook and Instagram would ensure you get upset about everything else in life.

Try and log out on a Monday and take time to breathe. Start the social media madness once again from Tuesday with a cup of coffee and a good night sleep.

Identify Why You Hate the Mondays

Despite practicing the above plan of action, it is highly possible that you may feel low and fear Monday. Before the cause starts impacting your health, it may be an excellent idea to introspect or talk to a friend.

Get to the root cause and destroy it immediately. Even if this calls for a job switch, then do it. Striving hard in an environment you dislike can be seriously detrimental to your mental health and may take a toll on your physical health too.

In the meantime, try to display a positive smile on a Monday and appreciate the chance conferred on you for working at a position you are, and earning that income.

Always remember, many unprivileged people do not even have a job to experience “Monday Blues.”