Why Are You ‘SO’ Dressed Up?

“Something special today?”

I was walking towards my workstation after a long and exhausting meeting when I met a colleague in the office corridor. “Nothing”, I shrugged. And smiled.

“Then why are you ‘so’ dressed up…?”

I smiled again and walked off clacking my brand new heels on the shiny office floor. I didn’t go to my workstation; I went straight to the Ladies’ Room.

At the Ladies’ Room, I stood in front of a tall mirror. An Ivory colored Oxford shirt and Jet Black Trousers. Navy colored leather belt, matching heels, Steel watch and Silver earrings. Hair straightened, tied into a loose pony. Lightly kohled eyes, a light brown pout and Ivory manicure. Who I looked into the mirror, screamed ‘Business’. Always. Despite that, the overall notion about me at workplace always was of being ‘too dressed’. And also of having ‘too much time’ – to be carefully matching my heels and belts and manicure etc. I have, however, always endured.

Not this that I have got immune to the flabbergasted stares followed by the mandatory ‘why?’ but this that as I am growing older; my obsession with the love of dressing up has also grown (younger).

So, why am I always ‘so’ dressed up?

dress up

Oh ho! Because I LOVE to! Do you want to know why should you LOVE dressing up too? Not that you are offered an option dahlin’… Because…

1. It Automatically Lifts You Up!

Whether or not you are wearing heels, dressing up lifts you up. It gives a smile to your face. And when you look good, people notice. And when people notice, you either get appreciative looks, or ‘you-look-good-and-I-am-going-green’ looks, which, I tell you, are far far better than appreciative looks!

PS: Please wear heels. Please. I know they hurt a bit, but it’s all worth it. Let’s face it, you can’t really strut in slip-ons.

2. It Makes Excellent ‘First Impressions’

The corporate is a big world. You get to meet new faces every day. It is slightly debatable, but, still true that people are judged on how they look. You don’t wanna make a not-so-good impression in the first meeting itself. Who knows, your next work opportunity lies with them.

3. It Gives A Productivity Push

After your ‘I-am-gathering-compliments‘ project is over, you’ll go to work feeling great about yourself. And that does fantastic things to your productivity at workplace. C’mon, the more you increase productivity, the more is your increment, the more bigger is your shopping bag!

4. It Makes You A Role-Model

There is no saying how many people you are going to influence by being a ‘dresser’ at the workplace, even if you work in the most ‘un-stylish’ places. It could be co-workers, clients or people who watch you when you step out of office. So many will take inspiration from you and bring out the best in them. Make people follow your fabulous lead!

5. It Helps You Identify Who Your Real Friends Are

Really. They say, there are no friends in Business World. Once your so-called transformation begins, you’ll know who is really happy for you!

6. It Fosters ‘The law of attraction’

I have personally believed that if you feel dull, you don’t have to look like that. You need to do just the OPPOSITE! Pick up one of the BEST tops you have and pair it up with a pencil skirt or pick up a classy saree, don your heels, paint your pout red and kohl your eyes. If there are any worries around you, they are going to look at you and say, “Oh! She is dressed for something special, I was gonna knock the wrong door. Let me get out of here…”!

7. You Never Know Who You Run Into

Ranveer Singh at a bus stop? Or Hrithik Roshan at a grocery store? Why you smiling??? Weirder things have happened!!

Even better, bumping into your ex while you look your hottest best. Priceless Thrill 😉

PS: Kangana Ranaut was discovered at a café!

8. It Is Glamorous And Fabulous

Go check on a dictionary… almost all words ending with a “ous” are damn good!

There is something more than these things that dressing up well can do…and I am sorry, I am not gonna write about them. Because they are best experienced. Go ahead, flaunt yourself!