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Are you totally bored with buying jewelry or clothing for your mom on special occasions? Are you running out of clever ideas to surprise her? Well, we’ve got you covered, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Keep reading for 7 of the most amazing gift ideas that your mom would totally love.

1. DIY Pamper Basket

Nothing spells love better than a handmade set of presents. All you need for this gift are a few essentials like sugar, fragrant oils, scented candles, soap base, food coloring, coconut oil, a few small glass jars, and a big wicker basket. The idea is to put together a bunch of pampering products like body scrub, soap, and perfumes. And these are super easy to make at home.

Image Source: Home & Family

  • Handmade soaps: Melt the soap base, add your choice of fragrant oil drops and a dash of food coloring. Pour this into interesting molds and let them harden.
  • Homemade body scrub: Mix some sugar, essential oil, coconut oil & food coloring in a glass jar till you get a scrub-like consistency.

Place these goodies in the wicker basket along with an organic loofah, a scented candle, small towel and other tidbits like natural lip balms, moisturizers, and even candy. The best part about this pamper basket is that you can add as many interesting objects as you’d like and personalize it with short notes, poetry, your mom’s favorite book etc.

2. Trinket Dish

Does your mom often forget her keys or glasses or her favorite piece of jewelry? Well, then a trinket dish would solve all these problems. You can decorate a usual dish or get a special one for her that has a special message as well. She can place it next to the door and easily drop her tiny belongings in it. This gift comes with the added bonus of serving as a decor element and preventing clutter.

3. Customized Upcycled Planters

Image Source: DIY Network

Add a special touch of love and nature to your mom’s room by surprising her with a collection of customized planters. You can use old metal cans and plastic containers for this project. Just paint them, decorate them or get them printed with a meaningful picture or message and voila! The unique planters are ready. You can use some potting soil and include small indoor plants in these so that you can gift your mother her very own miniature garden this Mother’s Day.

4. Hidden Treasure Candle

Another creative idea is to hide a special piece of jewelry inside a beautiful candle. All you have to do is place the jewelry in a little container to secure it and then, place it inside a large teacup or vessel of your choice. Now, fill this vessel or cup with molten wax. Make sure you place a wick before pouring the wax. Fill it to the brim and let it harden. You can then wrap it up. When your mom uses up the candle, the little surprise at the bottom would make her smile in an instant.

5. Framed Handwritten Letter

If you haven’t expressed how much you love your mother, this is the perfect time to do so. Write down all your thoughts and feelings on a hard and decorative sheet of paper. You can customize this as you like and then, get it framed. She would cherish the simplicity and truthfulness of this present forever.

6. Jar of Surprises

This one will ensure that your mom has something to look forward to all year round. All you need to do is get creative with the way you want to make her feel special and create surprise coupons for her. You could use some of these ideas:

  • You have won a relaxing day at the spa
  • I owe you a trip to your favorite place in town
  • Let’s dine at your favorite restaurant

So, whenever she wants, she can pull out one of these coupons or rolls out that jar and share them with you. The two of you can go and enjoy whatever came out of that jar of surprises. This is also a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day all year long!

7. Rejuvenating Teas

Image Source: E- How

Finally, you can present to her a complete collection of flavored teas. Soothing and extremely beneficial for health, these teas would be like a warm hug nestled in a cup!

There you go! It’s time to get started on getting that special gift ready. Just pick the one you think your mom would love the most and surprise her this Mother’s day.