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No one can repay a mother’s love. But the least we can do is to thank her and make her feel special. Echoing the same sentiment, McDonald’s this ad is bound to leave you teary-eyed. Released on the occasion of Mother’s Day last year in 2017, the ad honors all mothers who help their children to stand on their feet with their unconditional love and support despite all the odds.

This add is also a learning experience and a lesson for all those who should know how much important it is for physically challenged people to feel normal in an environment where they are constantly surrounded by either criticism or sympathy. People need to accept them for who they are and not for who they want them to be. We all live and move forward with our flaws that is what makes us stronger each passing day.

There no bond more beautiful than maternal bond and this ad proves that to its absolute best.

In a world where peace and love are almost forgotten and hatred is ruling our hearts, this add is a reminder that one is capable of endless love and compassion.

Happy Mother’s Day!