Mexico is actually renowned around the world for the beach destinations it has. Tourists can often be seen enjoying them, with many Mexican towns having a huge popularity as a modern tourist hotspot right now. There are even towns that were built to be resorts right from the start. Most of the beach destinations in Mexico offer crystalline water and powdery sand, all with a wide variety of tourist attractions and amenities.

Luxury Mexico vacations are simply perfect for those that want to enjoy a truly gorgeous beach but that do not want to travel to a destination that is crowded. Many consider Mexico to be a secret among tourists and it is hard to argue with that given the fact that we are talking about some of the very best beaches that nobody knows about.

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1. Cancun

It is quite hard to beat Cancun when referring to the variety offered in shopping, resorts, nightlife, and activities. Some of the country’s most picturesque beaches are here so travelers do come to the party. This is actually the only reason why you may want to avoid Cancun since if you travel with your family it is not necessarily a top destination.

Most beachfront resorts are incredible, fully all-inclusive. You are going to be tempted to stay on site for the entire vacation but it is not necessarily the best way to handle everything since you could miss out on one of the numerous local attractions.

2. Playa Del Carmen

This wonderful beach is just 30 miles away from Cancun. In the past 20 years, it managed to go through a huge transformation, changing from a simple fishing village to an incredibly cosmopolitan city. The locals call it Playa and they offer various accommodations and diversions, ranging from highly sophisticated to laid-back.

After the sun goes down, you want to travel to Quinta Avenida street, which is also really close to the beach. Tourists always flock to the numerous dance clubs, bars, shops and restaurants present, with some just strolling around because the walkway is lively.

3. Puerto Vallarta

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were mainly responsible for making the world aware of the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. Ever since the sixties, it managed to maintain a really strong appeal for vacationers. The location of the city is really picturesque and most tourists appreciate the beautiful wrought-iron balconies, white-walled houses, cobblestone streets and lovely red-tiled roofs. You can do many wonderful things when you travel to Puerto Vallarta, with activities ranging from zip-lining to a visit at a botanical garden that can only be described as being perfect.

Be sure that you take a stroll on Malecon and that you enjoy at least one of the sunsets since they are spectacular. Also, try at least one of the restaurants as their reputation is high around the world.

4. Tulum

Most people will tell you that Tulum is the most stunning Mexico beach in the world. It is located right on Riviera Maya and is made out of a hotel zone, a wonderful archaeological site and the actual town. You can find some great accommodations in Tulum, ranging from really hip boutique hotels to rustic cabanas. You can also enjoy wonderful all-inclusive destinations. If you want to go for a romantic beach vacation, some incredibly lovely spots are present for amorous retreats. Also, if you are interested in a lovely honeymoon, Tulum is really budget-friendly.

Tulum stands out as a great part of Mexico when interested in eco-adventures. You will find many things to do and you will love staying on the beach.

5. Los Cabos

Los Cabos is located on Baja California Sur’s southern tip, right where the Pacific Ocean meets Sea of Cortez. 2 cities make up Los Cabos: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The corridor linking them is also included.

Numerous celebrities and Hollywood stars enjoy the ultra-luxurious resorts and gorgeous landscape. Just some of the beaches are great for swimming, but you can be entertained in so many other ways. Some of the popular travel attractions include sportfishing, whale watching and even golfing. You can visit many restaurants, nightclubs and resorts. If you want to visit boutiques and art galleries, consider San Jose del Cabo.

6. Cozumel

Cozumel is a tremendous island that is off Riviera Maya, with a width of just 10 miles and a length of 30 miles. This is a premier diving destination of Mexico, a port that is highly visited by many cruise ships. You will love coral reef abundance and the turquoise, clear and warm waters. We are basically talking about a Caribbean Island that has different nature preserves like Punta Sur Ecological Reserve, Chankanaab Park and Lagoon and Cozumel Reefs National Park. Tourists love diving in Cozumel but there are other activities to enjoy. There are various resorts that are all-inclusive and you are going to surely enjoy the laidback comfort that is offered.

7. Mazatlan

Last but not least, Mazatlan is a highly-established tourist destination located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in Sinaloa state. The area does maintain authentic Mexican atmosphere and traditions, with visitors being able to experience an incredible mix of history and culture, all right within a highly modern destination.

If you want to get a feeling of the history of Mexico and Mazatlan, all you have to do is stroll around the city. Go to Golden Zoo for some great beaches and enjoy the local nightclubs or restaurants.