Children may not understand their parent’s work at all times, but that doesn’t stop this 8-year-old child to review her father’s bound thesis. While the child was so amazed by her father’s works, she decided to give it a try and by beautifully putting the thoughts together in words and decorating the letter with emojis.

Uploaded by the child’s father, Adam Phillippy, the viral post was retweeted 9.3k times. The post reads- My 8yo came across my bound thesis in the basement, “read” it and spontaneously wrote me this note. I will now be listing her as a suggested reviewer for all my manuscript submissions.  

While the twitter is going aww over the heart-melting post by the child, here is what the review by the little girl says –

“I was very amazed by your work. It surprised me that it took you four whole years to write that thesis. I am sure it took a lot of hard work. I found out lots of things about genome sequence. I also like learning about what you studied and were interested in. A lot of things made me say ‘awesome’,” read the review by the little girl.

A glimpse of how Twitteratis reacted on this viral post-