To ensure that every family has one government job in the state, Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling has launched a historic and exclusive initiative-  ‘One Family One Job’ scheme on Saturday, January 12.

The scheme was announced by Chamling, last year in 2018, during the winter session of the state Legislative Assembly.

Pawan Chamling

Pawan Chamling | source

Last Saturday, at a “Rojgar Mela” (employment fair) which was held at the Paljor stadium and more than 12,000 unemployed youths were handed out appointment letters. But, the letters were awarded to only those families, who do not have a government job at the present. The task of providing employment was entrusted to the Department of Personnel.

Further, he also mentioned that based on the seniority, more than 25,000 people who are already employed but are unregularized government employees will also be subsequently regularized within 2019.

With this, Sikkim becomes the first state in the country to carry out such programme for the betterment of people who will now enjoy all state government employee benefits. Not just that, he also mentioned that this is the only state that distributes 70 percent of its revenues towards salaries for state government employees.

Sikkim has a population of just 6.4 lakhs and currently, the state government employees have more than 1 lakh regularized employees on its list. There is more. Sikkim is the only state in the country that offers the highest salaries to state government employees, Chamling concluded.