At China’s second International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, a diamond-studded, gold toilet created by a Hong Kong jeweler was under the limelight.

Solid Gold Toilet, Set With Over 40,000 Diamonds

You will surely think twice before attending your nature’s call. This gold toilet costs 12 million Yuan i.e. $1.3 million. Apart from gold, the toilet seat is made of bulletproof glass and the makers have teamed it with 40,815 small diamonds.  

Check out the video of the toilet-

The lavish toilet seat was produced by Coronet, a brand that is owned by musician Aaron Shum, which is a Hong-Kong based jewelry firm. According to several media reports, on November 6, the toilet has been listed in the #GuinessWorldRecords.

It seems the event was itself diamond-studded as it came with exquisite items, and one of those items was a $2 million diamond-encrusted guitar as well. 

We have picked some Twitter reactions for you because this toilet seat has already triggered a meme fest online.

Feels like getting one for your home???