India has an array of exquisite cuisines and therefore, it is very normal for people in this country to grow up as a foodie. Even our gossips happen over a plate of samosa and chai (tea). And not to forget, street food is the very soul of this country.

One great thing is that knowing how-to-cook has no direct correlation to being a foodie. The very thought of food just makes you salivate and you can even ditch your partner for the same.

Yes, foodies are adventurous. In case you believe you are a foodie too, here are 13 memes that you will totally be able to relate to…

1.Β  Hum Khayenge!

2. Shahi Paneer anyone?

3. When you don’t identify idli

4. So True!

5. When desi food vendor scratches his butt

6. We all have done this!

7. But, we love the taste!

8. We all love to, especially in the middle of the night

9. This never gets old!

10. Cake, anybody…???

11. That’s your story too?

12. And finally when your food is just few steps away…

13. And when it tastes out of the world…