No matter what our age is, if someone hands over a piece of candy to us, it definitely puts a smile on our face. We all come across numerous viral stories, but this can be one of the humblest of stories on the internet today and will surely warm your heart.

Recently a video on Twitter went viral where, according to the reports, a 107-year-old woman got some candy after attending a wedding reception and she decided to give one to her 87-year-old daughter. No doubt, that the daughter was quite happy to receive it. 

The local reports mentioned that the 107-year old woman was Wuyang while attending a wedding reception of a friend’s daughter, received candies as a token of appreciation. She didn’t finish the candies alone, rather saved one for her eldest daughter Chengzi. 

The video was shared by the official Twitter handle of a Chinese media outlet People’s Daily and it had this caption- “The happiest child in the world! A 107-year-old mother gave her 84-year-old daughter a piece of candy that the mom took back from a wedding ceremony.

The 14-second video clip got 2.4 million views till now and you can see how the woman takes out the candy from her jacket pocket and gives it to her daughter, who was delighted on receiving the candy and smiled at the camera.