As an act of generosity and gratitude, what will you do for your loved ones once you have climbed the ladder of success? There might be plenty of ideas clouding your mind right now but this man’s gift will put a smile on your face.

A resident of Sarangpur village in Hissar district, Punjab, Vikas Jyani has always dreamt of flying planes. With hard work and determination he did become a newly-commissioned pilot and to show the grandpas and grandmas of his hometown what they mean to him, he arranged an air travel of all the 22 passengers aged 70 and above and took all of them to their first trip on a plane at his own expense.

Vikas Jyani

According to the TOI report, the elderly people traveled from New Delhi to Amritsar and to Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and Wagah Border.

While in their second innings of life, some of these elders did imagine that they will never fly but Jyani made their dream come true. Passengers included 90-year-old Bimla, 78-year-old Ramamuti, 78-year-old Kankari Devi, 75-year-old Giradawari Devi, 80-year-old Amar Singh, 75-year-old Surjaram, 75-year-old Khemaram, 72-year-old Atmaram, Indra, Jagdish, and Satpal.

Further, at the end of their journey, the passengers said that Vikas was always confident that he would become a pilot one day.

While talking to TOI, 90-year-old Bimla said, “Many people make promises to elderly but he kept his word” as she was delighted to sit on a plane for the first time and added that she had never thought of such a thing.

Apart from this, 78-year-olds- Ramamuti and Kankari Devi said that this air traveling movement was the best movement of their life and they were thankful of their co-passengers who have helped them whenever needed.

Vikas’s father Mahendra Jayani, who is a senior manager at a bank said that his son’s gesture was no less than a pilgrimage. “He fulfilled his dream and that’s the most important thing for me. All youth should follow Vikas’s example and we should all respect our elders,” he added.

Vikas’s journey will leave the youngsters inspired with one strong message- Never Forget Your Roots.

We wish all the best to this young pilot!