Women grab your reading glasses and men; you are welcome to join in. Let’s unravel the mystery behind the uncommon topic of ‘ageing’.

How many times have we seen people cringing up to this basic question, ‘What’s your age’? Countless, I suppose. We see it around us every day, in the movies, amongst our peers and families, everywhere! The answer to this basic question falls under two categories, largely, responses by ‘females’ & responses by ‘males’.

In the case of women, this question is found to be intimidating at times and often rude. The response is usually either of the following:

  • It’s bad manners to ask a female’s age (with a smile, of course)
  • How old do I look? Why don’t you take a guess? (an impatient smile hoping the answer is incorrect)

Men, on the other hand, mostly don’t find this question discomforting or insulting at all. Their response is mostly upfront and somewhat like the statement below:

  •  Laughs! Where did that come from? Well, I’m XY (age), why do you ask?

So why is it that women (and some men too) across the globe feel the need of hiding their actual age or not admitting to it? They are determined to do everything possible to hide it or look younger than what they actually are. From plain white lies to layers of make up to medical procedures to countless ageing products, the list is exhausting. People are in constant denial of their age and trying their very best to fight an inevitable part of life, ageing. Is it the fear of ‘ageing’ or is it the reluctance towards being referred to as ‘old’? It is of course, the latter. Let me break down why this reluctance is so repugnant and silly for us empowered women of year 2015!

Old Is Not Always Gold

One of the oldest sayings, ‘old is gold’ is conveniently discarded when it comes to women and their age. What is so wrong with the concept of ageing after all? The whole issue of ageing is directly related to how old a person looks. It is not the ‘years’ that women/men find hard to accept but how young or old they look. I fail to see why the world is oblivious to the fact that ageing is that one thing that cannot be helped, it is inevitable. Every living being, creature on this planet Earth is ageing and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. So, why not put all the denial away and admit to our actual ages?

I Am 24 Years Young!

Sounds a little strange yet plausible, right? Yes? Then we have hit the bull’s eye. I’m talking to women, men, of all ages, across the globe, let’s give the world the truth and change the way we perceive the concept of age. Next time someone asks you your age, reply courageously with your correct age and just replace the term ‘old’ with the term ‘young’. Yes, you read that right. ‘I’m 24 years young and I am glad I have 24 years of learning and experience in my pocket’. Now for those of you who have instantly reacted with the statement, ‘Oh at 24, anyone can say that. I wish I was 24 or wait until you’re 30/40 etc. then we shall talk’, I shall never lie about my actual age and will always be proud of it. Age of a person doesn’t matter to me now and it never will. There’s nothing that can change my understanding of the concept. “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter“, so rightly said by Mark Twain.

Every word of this quotation holds true. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. What matters is, how young do you feel? What can be a better example than this kid who was the youngest CEO at the age of 10 or watch this 80 year young beautiful Peddy doing Salsa with her partner Nico to everyone’s surprise.

The right way of dealing with ageing is not denial of it but doing everything to feel young and stay young. You have to be a young soul, possess a young heart and have a young mind. It truly doesn’t matter if people will think you are old or you look old. Don’t waste time dwelling over the thought of getting old or looking old, instead spend time finding ways to keep yourself young. Fitness regimes, healthy food, pursuing hobbies, speaking your heart out, admiring good things & people, positive thoughts are some of the many things that one can adopt to stay young. The moment you admit the reality and the number of years you’ve been in this world, there is no stopping you. Acceptance of your actual age in front of the world will empower you and add to your self-esteem and confidence.

Gone are the days when your age had anything to do with how experienced or mature or genius or outstanding you are as an individual. Buckle up and believe in the unconventional. Break the bubble and say it out loud right now. Do it, for yourself and for all those who made you feel any less than what you are solely because of your age, ‘I’m XY years young and I’ve never been better’! Here’s hoping that none of you will ever let the number of years of your existence get in the way of being a remarkable person.

Remember, you will be known for how well you have lived and never for how long you’ve existed.