Two entrepreneurs. One aim. To innovate a game-changing perspective of Agro-Realty in the country and may we say, they have been nothing short of victorious so far.

With unprecedented concept and undefeated confidence, Ayan and Arush (the avant-garde of the company) are conquering the investors, one day at a time. The two-fold prime reason behind their winning streak of 6 projects in the last 3 years is honesty and the distinctive concept of the gated farm plots. Although their amiable sense of humor makes everyone around them gleam with a smile too!

ayan arush agrocorp

Ayan and Arush

We are trying to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the mass with every budget out there. Having a farmhouse plot is not a commodity only for the affluents of the society anymore. We are the only company in the market that provides easy installment options too to its customers so they don’t have to bear the burden all at once,” says the go-getter of the duo, Ayan Nagpal.

Arush Nagpal, the cool-headed visionary, cites, “With this concept of affordable farm plots, one can spend some quality time with their friends and family over the weekend while enjoying the tranquillity of the surrounding nature. We are not just selling the land, we are fulfilling the dream of a second home too in the process.

The question arises: What different they have been doing than other organizations in the Agro-Realty sector?

  • First, they are not just offering a piece of land to their clients instead they are presenting them with an investment opportunity that is bound to bring honest returns on the capital invested.
  • Second, they love and respect their clients enough to not let them go through hoops to acquire a piece of farmland. Agrocorp Landbase goes through every little detail on behalf of its customers and makes the procedure of acquisition convenient enough to enjoy their property.
  • Third, the location of each project is chosen attentively, keeping the needs of the community living in mind.

The exclusive concept of farm plots in a gated community is hard to miss and that too in a location that happens to be in the radius of colossal corporate developments housing prominent names like KIA Motors, Bharat Electronics Limited, Aerospace Defence Park and many more.

Agrocorp Farmland

Agrocorp Farmland

This upcoming corporate development affirms the notion of high returns on the property and assures the client to be carefree about their hard-earned money.

The projects are snuggled in the lap of nature, pledging a harmonious ambiance and according to the symphony of city vibes and countryside life into developed farm plots by Agrocorp Landbase. Integrated with two leading aspects of life: family and business, these farm plots are structured with basic amenities and located along NH-7, in the proximity of the IT hub of the country, Bengaluru.

Well, it seems like a fairytale but when they say affordable and developed, it does fall under the nominal cost for a farm plot bearing fertile soil and adequately connected with water supply. Agrocorp also takes care of the post-sale maintenance which comes out to be at a very economical price as the hefty cost of the upkeep of the project is divided among the owners of the community.