Mail sent at 3.30 pm –

“People forget what you say or do. But, they never forget how you make them feel.” – Maya Angelou. As her biggest fan, you know what I mean. Right, ma?

Mail received at 3.33 pm –

I know what that quote means. I do not understand why do you want to quit working.

quit job resignation

Mail sent at 3.37 pm –

Because this place doesn’t make me feel great. I repeat what I do every week and use my efforts in things other than my forte.

Mail received at 3.42 pm – 

Every job becomes stagnant at some point. You have to accept it and deal with it. You’re not in college anymore that you can expect new things all the time. You’re 22 and you have to learn to stick at one place. Don’t you see people do that around you?

Mail sent at 3.56 pm –

Right ma, I’m not in college. I’m a big girl and mature enough to reckon that my time is not being utilized like it should be. In all honesty, this job is a cakewalk for me. I can conveniently do it for months or years but without any self-growth. And about being in one place, that’s what I want too. But not somewhere where I do not enjoy or learn from what I do. And yes, I do see people around me working and slogging at a job they hate. But do you know why they do that? Because they do not have a choice. Most of them have financial issues or the pressure of feeding their kids. The rest, they’re just stuck here either because they do not know what they can possibly do with their life or the job is too convenient for them. Ma, there’s hardly anyone I know of in this place who actually loves their job and learn from it.

Mail received at 4.01 pm –

And child, do you think you’re never going to face these things?

Mail sent at 4.10 pm –

I know I will. The difference is, right now I’m not facing any of these.

Now, at this age, is my chance to learn and explore what I can. I have no pressure of feeding my family nor do I feel I need to be stuck doing something that is too convenient to learn and explore new things in the world. I want to get in a place where I have a steady career. And not for months, but years. Don’t you think now is the chance and the perfect timing to work towards it? To travel as much as I can, to get further education or take up a hobby or learn a task; and knowing that any of these could possibly become the stepping stone to my big career. And even if not, when has learning harmed anyone? Instead, it only enriches you.

Ma, I’m lucky not to have pressures unlike many of my colleagues to earn or settle down right away. When God has given me the opportunity to bend & twist and jump into the sea of trial and error with enough courage and the support of my family, why shouldn’t I seize it? From where I see, Ma, I think only a few are blessed enough to have a chance like this. I do not want to be another Tom, Dick or Harry knowing that I had a chance not to be. And if I don’t take this step now, then when? Kahin pahuchne ke liye kahin se nikalna bahut zaruri hai. (If you want to reach somewhere, it is certain that you have to leave from where you are right now.)

Mail received at 4.17 pm –

Let your father come home tonight, I’ll talk to him. Go, focus on your cakewalk-like work now.

Mail received at 4. 19 pm –

Ugh, so typical of you ma. Bye! I’ll call you at night.

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