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Surely, everyone is familiar with the term backbenchers.

No matter how much the classes were boring in school, we backbenchers always had a way out of everything to have our share of fun. Talking about desi backbenchers, usually, they often occupy the last seats of a classroom, known for their notorious behavior and also for creating a ruckus.

But, they too have a heart and these memes are dedicated to those numerous situations and moments they have been through- be it maintaining “pin-drop silence” in the class, listening to a lecture or responding to questions when asked. The funny part is when teachers used to strictly mention to students, “not to bring outsiders inside the classroom” or when the boys were told not to talk to the girls.

Desi twitteratis are now using more hilarious memes on social media with hashtags #backbenchers to show the plight of these people and their reactions during the classes.

Browse through them and you will keep ROFLing throughout the day.