Indians are well aware of the usage of cow dung cakes. But this “desi” product is becoming popular in the western market and it has also found its way to the grocery store in New Jersey. 

This is not something new. Earlier this year e-commerce portals have been seen selling “natural’ coconut shells for Rs.1400.

A Twitter user posted a picture of packed cow dung cakes and wrote- “My cousin sent me this. Available at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey. $2.99 only. My question: Are these imported from desi cows or are they from Yankee cows?

Also, on the packaging, it was mentioned that it is not “eatable” and is meant for “religious purposes” only. 

It goes beyond saying that the post became viral and made netizens LOLing all day. While one user wrote “most likely Jersey cows” another one wrote “Isko dekhke main DUNG reh gaya”.

Twitter reactions-

 You have to be religious and not a foodie to use this product it seems!