If only we could rely on a single facial mask to whisk those wrinkles away! Alas, youthful radiance stems from a vast range of efforts, from the way you eat, how you train, all the way to diminishing your stress levels to prevent an overflow of cortisol – the stress hormone. Of course, we also need to be mindful of what we use in our beauty regime, even though beauty doesn’t come in a bottle, choosing skin-friendly ingredients can stave off early signs of aging. So, when you take a look at your existence, how well do you manage your anti-aging efforts?

Luckily, there are experts out there who have already tried certain solutions and discovered which ones are the simplest to apply and the easiest to use for our everyday lives. Let’s go over several of those bits of beauty wisdom, and hopefully, we’ll turn back the clock at least when it comes to our youthful appearance – until we actually discover that potion of eternal youth, that is!

Relax with the help of meditation

Stress is a major cause of numerous beauty issues. When you’re facing a life-changing situation, it’s no wonder our largest organ, our skin reflects the stress we feel in those circumstances. So, we end up tacking acne, skin irritation, eczema, as well as early aging signals, such as those worry lines right between our eyebrows and all across our forehead. The impact of stress on our skin, however, can be much deeper than superficial facial expressions: all the way down to our hormonal balance.

Too much cortisol in your system can cause anything from acne, bruising too easily, and all the way to skin thinning. So, in order to reduce both the symptoms and the underlying cause of stress, you can introduce a daily meditation session as brief as 15 minutes to restore your glow and stave off the many signs of aging. Experiment with your affirmations to discover which ones help you build a more resilient mindset and you’ll reap other benefits of this practice in addition to the ones that perk up your pores!

Splurge on youthful supplements

Sometimes, you do everything right. You eat a healthy diet filled with the right macronutrients as well as those skin-perfect vitamins and minerals. You religiously exercise several times per week, and you do your best to make sure your beauty regime is on point when it comes to choosing optimal ingredients for your skin type. However, you can always do a little extra to help prevent early aging in your skin, and choosing specific ingredients in your diet and skin care is one of them.

Skin-beneficial ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 can be consumed both in the form of a supplement, but you’ll also find many high-quality skincare items to contain this particular ingredient. As a powerful antioxidant, this coenzyme helps your skin preserve its elasticity, and reduce the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Due to such skin perks, it’s considered one of the greatest allies in your routine to protect your youthfulness.

Sweat the wrinkles away

We’ve already mentioned that physical activity does play a role in helping your skin stay strong and healthy. Now, while most people lead predominantly sedentary lives, those who include regular exercise into their weekly schedule will reap numerous skin perks, especially in the long run. For starters, exercise improves your cardiovascular health, which in turn means your other bodily functions such as your metabolism, circulation, and oxygen supply will work much better, and keep your skin beautiful.

Exercise fuels an entire cycle that protects your skin. By improving your circulation and metabolism, you’ll be able to deliver more of those wonderful nutrients to your skin, which will then be used to repair damaged cells and produce more collagen. Sweating also helps detox your pores naturally, and it helps you cleanse effortlessly on a regular basis, letting your skin soak up all the goodness of the creams that you’ll then apply. With the right workout plan, everything else that you do for your skin becomes all the more effective!

Mind your menu

No matter how much you try to choose top-notch lotions and cleansers, the health of your skin starts with your eating habits. For starters, you can eliminate or at the very least minimize the consumption of foods that can do your skin some damage. That includes sugary foods that are low on nutrients, such as sodas, candy, and other highly-processed goods. Instead, you should focus on whole foods that are nutrient-dense and that are good for your complexion.

However, some groceries on your list might take your skin care a step further with their many wonderful ingredients. For example, eat more fatty fish for a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, while broccoli is loaded with vitamin C which is extremely important for youthful skin. Finally, make sure that you drink plenty of water every day, so that your skin is properly hydrated inside and out!

As years go by, you’ll need to adapt your skincare approach to make sure that you target the specific issues you’re facing. However, certain healthy rules of skin conduct apply to us all, and these are here to help you find that balance of health and longevity to give you the radiance you deserve!