A room without books is like a body without a soul.
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

And I say a room without quality books is, well, just a room, not a Paradise. It’s like residing in heaven without God. In India, we associate books with Goddess Saraswati. Be it fiction or non-fiction, a book simply has no comparison with anything in life. It takes you to another world altogether. Yes, indeed, there are some books which make reading an addiction, and this World Book Day, let’s take a look at them. Who knows we may just turn over a page and see that we have discovered an all-new chapter in our lives?

1. Sidney Sheldon’s If Tomorrow Comes

Wondering why I have mentioned If Tomorrow Comes instead of The Master of the Game? Well, the other book may be a more popular bestseller, but If Tomorrow Comes is an intriguing revenge thriller, which gives you goosebumps. It’s a fast-moving novel with umpteen signature twists and turns by Sheldon. Check it out!

2. Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone

Bhagat made us so proud as Indians with his bestselling novel – Five Point Someone. A roller coaster ride experienced by 3 friends at IIT, the book is a notch higher than the film – 3 Idiots. Bhagat’s simple style of writing, enthused with a smart sense of humor, is admirable in his One Night at the Call Center, 2 States and One Indian Girl as well.

3. Erich Segal’s Love Story

This masterpiece of a romantic novel strikes the right chord with literally everyone who has, and as well as, hasn’t fallen in love. A sweet and simple storyline, this heart-winning tale of eternal love ensures the feel-good factor as well as teary-soaked hankies.

4. E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey

I know the temperature is soaring! Well, if you’re thinking it’s full of perversion, please think again. It’s an unconventional love story. Well, at the end of it all, sex does sell, and this very novel has all the elements of a scorching red-hot bestseller. An engaging read!

5. Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad

Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter’s non-fiction book explains ‘things the rich teach their children, which the poor and middle class do not.’ This gem of a book gives you practical examples of how to be financially sound, and interestingly, changes your whole mindset. Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad taught him to work for the system, whereas, his Rich Dad taught him how to make the system work for him.

6. Rujuta Diwekar’s Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight

Celebrity fitness expert Diwekar’s non-fiction book worked wonders for people who were struggling to lose weight. A realistic and motivational read, it ensures that you’re hooked on for long hours, and helps in beautifully shaping both the mind and the body. You will ditch that sedentary lifestyle and enjoy shedding those extra flabs, calories and kilos post reading this book.

7. Anuja Chauhan’s The Zoya Factor

The bestselling author of Those Pricey Thakur Girls, Chauhan injects the entertaining and ultimate dose of the gentleman’s game in The Zoya Factor. There are sheer sarcasm, crispy and catchy language and a more than an interesting storyline in this novel revolving around Zoya who is touted as the lucky charm of the Indian Cricket Team.

8. Terribly Tiny Tales

Books have come and gone, but this one is here to stay on! Terribly Tiny Tales, an online venture, has brought its first book to the fore. In this era of quickies and people not having enough time, it’s the ideal book, filled with small tales with clever twists in the end. This one is a must buy and a must read. Unparalleled!

Three other books, which I would love to mention are – Airport by Arthur Hailey, Jeffrey Archer’s Shall We Tell The President? and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake.

A good and quality read every day set apart the best from the banal in every way. No?

Want us to add more to this list? Please recommend your book name in the comments below.