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How can we forget coming home from school, sitting in front of the couch and watching the musical comedy series, Hannah Montana? Our favorite star, Miley Cyrus, no longer a teen has now turned into a beautiful 24-year-old singer.

You can love it or you can hate it but no matter how hard you will try, you just can’t ignore it. This is a perfect way to describe singer and actor Miley Cyrus’s sometimes unusual yet unique, fashion style. We have seen her brief transition from a Disney rock star to a blunt and edgy performer which makes people turn their heads and look twice.

To all the girls out there reading this have a look if you, too, want the best of both worlds.

S for Style & Z for Zing

Miley CyrusDonning plain blue jeans paired with a shirt or jacket, if anyone can pull off such a simple look and can still manage to look fabulous is, Miley Cyrus. The fashion chameleon can adopt any style adding her own zing to it. It does not matter whether you are wearing a gown or sweatpants, if you can style it, you can nail it. Make your own style statement and set yourself apart from others. Carry your clothes, carry your attitude because taking risks is necessary.

The Experimental Type

Miley CyrusExperiment with different looks and styles that suit you and you’re comfortable with. You can be self-absorbed at times, there is no harm in believing in yourself and the perfect real life example is Miley herself. Her never ending love for experimenting is what makes her stand out from the rest. Don’t follow anyone, be a trendsetter just like her. Don’t be the type of a person who tries to please everyone. Be what you are and wear what you like without bothering about what others may say or think. Pick stuff that you like coz you are the one who’s going to wear it not others.

Love Yourself

Miley Cyrus

No matter what, don’t forget to love yourself, that’s the policy of Miley Cyrus. You will find your haters everywhere, you cannot fight them all. The fashion phenomenon, Miley Cyrus, has sure stirred a lot of controversies over the years but despite that, she never fails to surprise people.

Being The Best Version of Yourself

Miley Cyrus

It is true when people say your clothes define your style and attitude. Miley Cyrus isn’t afraid to show what she is. Whether it is dressing like ordinary teens, carrying a new hairstyle or making new style statements, Miley Cyrus has done it all, not to give a damn about anyone, she shows off her style with elegance.

What stops you from being You?

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