Ever wondered, why our generation is not able to produce any epically extraordinary piece of art & literature? Why our anger is aimed in no particular direction? And, why at all there is so much anger boiling up in our heads? It’s because, we are letting our brain be chewed by forces which actually are controllable, provided we try. Here is a list of things towards which I suggest we better grow intolerant.

productive mind

1. WhatsApp

Yes, that thing! Hasn’t it become one of the most annoying app? It chews away your time, patience, and of course your brain. No matter how much you may deny this, but I rarely came across people who aren’t affected by this trending trash. The addiction is so severe, that people these days find it difficult to poop without checking the possible new messages on their Whatsapp. And, as it still happens to be free, people randomly keep sending messages of sheer irrelevance, assuming that to be able to use this much-talked-about app, is an act of empowerment.

2. Facebook

There was a time, when I had thought Facebook could actually do great, if people start focusing on things other than posting-up photographs and checking-in at different places, just to maintain a visibility, yes this was when people from different states and countries were uniting with the supposedly felt solidarity, over Facebook for various issues. But, gradually I saw it getting back down, when people just couldn’t resist from putting-up selfies. It’s become more of a selfie-book than a Facebook. Its content is somehow intriguing because most people love drama and it’s a user friendly social networking site. But, can any of us deny the fact that facebook does eat away a lot of our time, which we could have invested elsewhere? It’s anyway all for the namesake, isn’t it?

3. The Great Indian Soap Opera

I fail to understand why at all we haven’t grown intolerant towards the overly-obvious and dramatically ridiculous Indian soap serials? They all start-up with supposedly distinctive themes but they all end-up deliberately drowning into the same sea of loud dialogues, heavy jewellery and gross costumes, marriages, murders, property disputes, and silly love affairs. And, they actually provide no new approach to our way of looking at the individual and the society. People tune their minds to these programs and relate themselves to the characters, because they don’t have other attractive options on the television. Unfortunately, almost every channel these days, is serving junk wrapped in different names and packs.

4. Baseless Trending Rap

Anybody these days goes out and makes a music video, wearing heavy gold chains, an awkward baggy pair of jeans, with foreign models dancing to the stupid digital beat in the background. These rappers ‘read’ out simple and rhythm-less lyrics to which people can barely connect. Yet, such people end-up with heavier pockets than those who with sincerity and a message contribute to the music industry. Though, there are a few rappers who have excelled a great deal by labouring hard on innovating sensible lyrics but the rest others are just popping up like mushrooms and are simply producing tracks which can in minutes chew your brain.

5. Fake Smart Heads

Last but not the least; avoid close encounters with people who like fake doctors give you odd prescriptions. Such people would always tell you, to do and be this and that. But, don’t ever forget that it is your life and you were blessed with enough brain and heart to decide the right thing for yourself. And, thereby I suggest you to be a daring experimentalist who could discover and shape his/her world-view by their free and independent choice, rather than following somebody else blindly and becoming just another copy.

I believe, there are a lot of things getting involved in which, we end-up draining big chunk of our time and energy. And, we can work on it only if we are able to locate and accept it.

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