Today’s era is full of surprises, and unlimited career potential lies ahead of you if you take the right path. You would already know that today, there are too many engineers, doctors, architects, and IT professionals, among the various career specializations available. But simultaneously, all these career streams have immense competition within them.

Today, you cannot become successful merely based on the education you had or the college you got admitted to. You will require standing out of the crowd, in case you wish to leave your legacy in the society. Then what can you do if you don’t wish to become just another doctor or an engineer? Well, there are several offbeat courses available in the world that you must know about.


image source: Pixabay

Here, we are about to mention and explain the top seven offbeat career options that today’s youth may consider pursuing. Here they are:

1. Yoga trainer

Do you know how popular yoga has become worldwide? People from foreign countries are visiting India just to learn yoga in the right way. If you want to get a hold of a yoga teacher training certification, you might want to check the curriculum of the best yoga TTC in India. Guess what, the yoga teacher training courses are specially designed to enable yoga experts to learn the right way to teach. After completing yoga certification courses, you can either join an existing yoga training center as a trainer. Or else, you can also explore your entrepreneurial talents and start your independent yoga training center.

2. Life coach

If you are a driven person with a positive personality, the best career option for you would be that of a life coach. Today, if you don’t already know, the online life coaching industry is almost a 25 billion USD economy. By becoming a life coach, you don’t restrict your market to your community or city. Instead, you have an opportunity to serve people across the globe using your life-changing inspiration. If you have a good habit that you want to help other people master, you should get started with immediate effect.

3. Creative Writing

Today, writers don’t starve to death. Gone are the days when your creative talent wouldn’t have been enough to make some respectable amount of money. Today, people are leaving behind the boring life inside a corporate cubicle. Instead, they are choosing to use their hobby to earn a living. If you a writer with some creativity, you might try out writing for companies’ blogs and newsletters. You’ll be amazed by how flexible a writing career can become.

4. YouTuber

You must be aware of the video revolution that the launch of YouTube brought with itself. In the modern era, you don’t need to be featured on a national television channel to establish yourself as a show host; well, with YouTube, you can organize your personal talk show. All you need is a pinch of creativity, a camera, some editing knowledge, and a high-speed internet connection. You will probably get inspired to know that Justin Bieber started his music career on YouTube.

5. Entrepreneur

The term ‘entrepreneur’ is so glamorous as it sounds. But in reality, it is nothing different than any top-tier sports. Every entrepreneur is a sportsman who has to be competitive enough to succeed in business, which in turn is potentially their life. If you have an idea and a drive to change the world, entrepreneurship might be the perfect career option for you. Again, you need to have an appetite for risk for succeeding in this career. You should never run away from failure. Instead, you must embrace it for a brighter future.

6. Wedding Videographer/Photographer

If you have a camera and some decent photography skills, you don’t need to rely on print media houses to land a job. You can work hard during the wedding season and build your brand as a wedding photographer. Also, as your clientele grows and portfolio improves, you have the chance to land lucrative corporate photoshoot deals. If you have the talent and comparative patience, you’ll taste success at the earliest.

7. Social Media Manager

Guess what is the sexiest job title in the creative marketing industry in the modern age? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s that of a social media expert or manager. Social media is the next age Gutenberg press, and with social media marketing knowledge, you can land yourself nice paychecks, and also you have the opportunity to build a personal brand. So, don’t wait and get started soon.