You might love to travel, but you might not know which ways you are affecting the planet when you do it. Visiting new destinations doesn’t always have to have a negative impact, and there are several ways that you can make a difference when you jet off to your chosen destination. With a little knowledge and some responsibility, you can lessen your impact on the environment when you travel.

sustainable traveler

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Here are 4 tips to help you be a more sustainable traveler on your next trip.

1. Use less plastic

Plastic waste is a big problem in many places, and in some locations, it can be difficult to find a way to properly recycle. One way you can cut down on the amount of plastic you use is to bring a reusable water bottle and to filter your water if needed. Over the course of a trip, you can greatly cut down on the amount of plastic you use without much effort. If you forgot your water bottle, you can always refill a large, plastic one that you purchase when you get there.

2. Take local transportation

There are some destinations that you can only reach by airplane. However, that also requires a lot of fuel and radioactivity that can cause damage to the environment. One way you can cut back on your carbon emissions is by taking local transportation when you travel. Not only are you keeping the planet healthy, but you also get a chance to see a whole new side of a destination and you get to have a unique cultural experience. It’s a small change, but it can add up to making a considerable difference.

3. Choose tours that are kind to animals

Safaris and animal parks can be a major reason to visit a certain destination, but not all are kind to local wildlife or encourage sustainable practices. You want to know that the choices you are making will not affect any of the flora and fauna of your chosen destination and that you can enjoy seeing the local nature without harming anything while you are there. Before you choose a tour or safari, make sure that they agree with the same values that you have in terms of sustainability.

4. Buy local products

When you choose to purchase products that have been created locally, you’re not only supporting the businesses who need it, but you are also cutting down on the amount of pollution used to transport an item from one location to another. Many businesses try to choose materials that are local to the area and that have been made with traditional methods. This can cut back on synthetic materials and importing cheaper items that are worse for the environment to make.

Sustainable tourism is often just knowing which small changes to make to your normal habits abroad. With these tips in mind, you can make your next trip enjoyable and help to preserve the world for future generations.