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It occurred to me when I remembered something said by someone I once knew. He said, “If my father had built a house in his lifetime, I would have been way better off in life”. With no disrespect to his personal feelings, I thought how inheriting a house seemed so important to him.

Inheritance is a big word, at least for me. Mostly used in the context of wealth, intellectual property or family name, inheriting financial assets definitely is helpful for a child in the pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Not to say that, people less fortunate in this regard are ill placed to dream or pursue their full measure of happiness. The world knows numerous instances of people making it big from very modest beginnings.

Many people are capable of looking beyond the numbers, and they do realize the value of inherited values and learning from their parents and ancestors. And while being greatly thankful for whatever big or small financial inheritance I have, I mostly want to thank my parents for two invaluably precious gifts that they have given me. So, this is my humble and heartfelt attempt on trying to do something that I know I can never do – thank them enough.


Dear Maa and Papa,

Like for all children, you have been the greatest gift that one could ever wish for. You have been a constant source of strength and inspiration for me all throughout. As you know, my world is complete with you two around me, and I could never think of a life where you are not there. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for, what I believe to be the greatest gifts you have given me among countless others.

Firstly, I thank you for giving me freedom. Freedom to do whatever I wanted to with my life. Freedom to choose my own way. Freedom to make my mistakes and learn from them. Freedom to go out and try out my hand at anything that I wished. Freedom to drop out from multiple courses when I felt I was not sure. This out-of-the-way freedom is what gave me the opportunity to look within myself and dig out the real me.

And to go out explore the world with that freedom, you gave me your support. The literally unconditional support in all my endeavors; be it stupid, silly or utterly foolish. You got me that 101 science experiments book with the tools when I wanted to be a scientist. You gave me that awesome bike when I wanted to look cool in college. You got me the guitar when I wanted to be the next big rockstar. You stood in front of the local cricket stadium and tennis court when I wished to be the next Tendulkar and Sampras. And when I didn’t become any of those, you still supported me without a frown when I chose to become the new age Hemingway.

What actually becomes of me is still a case under consideration, but these two gifts for me are my greatest inheritance. An inheritance much bigger than any million dollar mansion or a multi-million enterprise. With these two gifts I have seen a world of possibilities open up in front of me.

Thanking you enough in words is an impossible task, I know. So, I can try to thank you through my actions by doing justice to these two gifts and living my life to its fullest potential with my freedom and your support.

With all my love,
The luckiest son.