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Every night I ask this question to myself, 31 years passed and what I have actually learned in these quite more than 3 decades?” Is it about relationships, people, a self-made career, somewhere wilting family emotions or it’s been a mixture of all?

The answer to all my self-aroused questions is again a question, WHAT IS MY IDENTITY??? All I know is that I am here to make my presence felt to this whole world, I do not want to die a general class death. My best friend wished me on my birthday once with her affirmed words, do something in your life so that after you the whole nation celebrates your birthday as National Holiday. I actually get excited thinking, one day I will be in heaven and the whole world will be at home celebrating 29th Oct as National Holiday. Oh my God!


Being You

I was born to a middle-class Bengali family in a small town of North East and grown up as a single mother child, as my father refused to see me being a girl born to him. I was unknown to my father’s face till I was 6 years old. Every day when my mother dressed me up while going to my nursery garden, she strictly advised me that if any unknown person comes and tell me he is my father, I should avoid him. I have seen her fighting against all odds and how to be self-dependent in this soup of life. Once I heard my mom saying to someone that, my upbringing to my daughter will be in such a way that she can live her life on her own terms, she does not need an addition of someone’s surname for her identity. All she taught me is not to compromise with any chapter of life that leads to the death of my worth at any adverse point in life. And probably for that when at a point I was asked to choose between my personal life and career, I stood firm on my worth with my career.

Today being a successful business-class woman, I lead a sales team of more than a hundred people and probably the single female with male counterparts in every role I am assigned. Everyone appraise me for where I have reached, but actually, no one knows the volume of sacrifices I had to make to achieve what I have today. But all I know, I will not breathe my last unjustified to my dream.


Many of us actually get disappeared with many relationships – love, lust, maybe a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or either a husband or a wife. The meaning of any relationship is to make us happy and not to become distressing, finding him online and not replying to you, or just a blue tick in your what’s app and left. Or maybe a husband’s expectation from his wife to give priorities to kitchen groceries more than her own article. My learning is that relationships must be celebrated; there is no use of going to bed with wet eyes and still waiting for his good morning text in the morning. The only person who can make you happy for your worth is the person in the mirror. All it takes is a little courage, a courage to stand by yourself, a courage to say NO to things that do not celebrate YOU and your worth. Being a one can make the difference, let YOU be the difference. Choose someone who will be a part of your chosen destiny and not pull you back murdering your ability. Be a girl of your choice.

In this soup of life, we need to choose the corn wisely to taste it sweet.

If my story can inflame a single person to rethink, to stand worthy of their worth, my job is done.

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