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In a refreshing move, the district administration in Indore has decided to revoke the driving license from people with multiple criminal records against women and feels that it will help them counter violence against women.

Driving in India. Source: Wikimedia

While attending a meeting on road safety, Indore district collector Nishant Warwade announced on Thursday that he is planning to seize driving licenses of people who are habitual offenders and are convicted of several crimes against women like- molestation, rape, and dowry harassment. Further, the accused may face punishments for such actions by the court of law.

Warwade said, “We will revoke driving licenses of people against whom multiple cases are registered for heinous crimes against women like molestation, rape, and dowry harassment,” as mentioned by TOI report.

He said there is a provision under Section 19 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 that allows the licensing authority to take such action if a person is habitual criminal or habitual drunkard. In case the charges against the accused are proved false after being heard, the license can be restored again.

In a time when women’s security is being questioned all over the nation, this significant move can prove to be fruitful and improve the current scenario in the country.