The district collector of Telangana’s Medak district went down in a toilet pit and cleaned it with bare hands showing the way to a cleaner and healthier environment. K. Dharama Reddy sets an example of an accountable citizen who wants to make his country beautiful in terms of hygiene.

Medak Collector K Dharama Reddy. Source: Telangana Today

While attending the workshop on Sustainability of ODF by Swachh Bharat Mission, Reddy decided to take such a step and emptied the organic manure with his bare hands during the programme, mentioned Telangana Today report.

To show the process of transforming night soil into organic manure, the attendants of the workshop were taken to Pandharewada village of Pune district and after watching the local staff cleaning the toilet, Reddy too decided to do it without hesitation. He says, it is just organic manure and there is no need of hesitation when it comes to cleaning it.

According to the report, Medak is the 8th district in Telangana and it was declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) last year. Even though practices like manual scavenging are banned, it is followed in numerous states.

As a result, people from backward classes like Dalits are forced to work in such difficult conditions. Needless to say, Indian Railways have also contributed to their precarious condition by letting them handle waste without any safety measure. One cannot disagree that such things are appalling and inhuman and that there is a need for states should look for better initiatives and infrastructures to ensure sustainable development. Only by initiating sanitary practices and regulating it from time to time, epidemics and diseases can be prevented.

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