I look up to the silver lining in the cloud,
Sometimes, I see a rainbow singing aloud.
Each colour is an emotion,
Blue is the mood and so is the ocean.

Humans are wired to respond to colours. The yellow sun. The blue sky. The seven hues of the rainbow. The green leaves. The red apple. Those traffic lights. The colours of the Indian flag. You name it and we recognize the object from its colour.

For us, it is like attaching an identity to an intangible thing. Imagine passing a day of yours without seeing the sunrays. You won’t know when the day began. Colours help us to communicate to our surroundings in a powerful way.

While the English language boasts of many colourful idioms like ‘once in a blue moon’, ‘bolt from the blue’, ‘in the blues’, ‘beat black and blue’, ‘cheeks turning red’ etc; we cannot help but emphasise upon the fact that each colour evokes an emotion.

colour therapy

Red signifies love, passion, and even danger. White stands for peace and harmony. Green is your go-to colour for everything that is eco-friendly. Blue is your cool colour but has a contradictory meaning when associated with feelings. Are you ‘feeling blue?’ is a question that one might bring up if he/she encounters a sad face.

As humans, we are not new to dealing with bucket loads of stress in our lives. Hectic jobs, messy personal relationships, and responsibilities mechanize the way we lead our days. However, rejuvenating yourself should be a priority when the going seems weary.

A lot of us prefer to travel, read, write, cook, dance, sing, clean and meditate in our leisure. However, if you are unsure of what you really want to do during those dull days, gift yourself a colourful therapy that not only helps you relax your exhausted mind but also enhances your creativity. Colour Therapy opens your senses to react to different colours and enables you to ‘start feeling’, again. Colour Therapy is also known as Chromotherapy, in scientific terms. There are different techniques that you can adapt to set your foot on a colourful journey. Take a cue from these Colour Therapy suggestions and start dreaming in colours, right away!

1. Channelize your inner child by bringing out your Colouring Book from the closet.

Back then, you teacher showered you with good remarks. Now, it is time for you to reward yourself with some peace of mind. Colouring Books are also available for adults wherein there are patterns for you to fill up. Crayons, pastels or colour pencils, you are definitely spoilt for choices here so set the ball rolling with a colour pencil in your hand.  The colour combinations that you use say a lot about present mood. Use of brighter shades in the pattern indicates your higher self-esteem and darker shades reflect a sad story of your life.

2. Celebrate Diwali with coloured lighting in your room, every day.

I would definitely recommend this as I went to see a friend some time ago and saw her wall replete with colourful lighting. As I entered her room, my eyes lit up and it worked like a balm to my other tensed senses. The key is to keep the switch on to these colourful lights so that they induce a dimly lit ambiance.

3. Use colour with solarised water.

Water, when charged with various colours of the sunlight, helps in healing of the soul by energizing the body from within. Also, different colours in the water have different effects. Blue solarised water is sweeter to taste while red is bitter. For achieving this, you need to wrap a transparent coloured paper over a bottle of water and place it in the morning sunlight for a few hours so that it absorbs the colour. Cool the water and it is ready to be consumed throughout the day.

4. Dream in colours with your new colourful bedsheet.

If you want to be economical with this therapy, sheets are the way to go. Mix and match colours that can heighten your vibrations when you go bed. A mix of pinks and creams soothe your eyes and prevent you from becoming a prey to insomnia and negative thoughts.

5. You are a gem and the gemstones are a testimony.

If you are fond of sporting jewelry then you might as well begin by flaunting a colourful gemstone. Our reactions to colours are instinctive and each colour possesses a certain quality. Example – A black gemstone helps you maintain your grounded personality while a yellow gemstone will help you organize your life in a meticulous manner.

Whether you colour outside the lines or inside, remember that colour invigorates, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the soul and the soul becomes dyed with the colour of the thoughts.

So, what are you waiting for? Your colourful personality is awaiting you with open arms. Go, embrace it. Say yes to colours.