Do we Indians consider that traffic rules are for fools? Or we are simply lazy to follow it? Going beyond humans looks like, in this country, animals obediently obey the law.

You may not believe us that this can actually happen. But yes, it did happen. And Bollywood actress Preity Zinta shared this beautiful clip.

She wrote, “Forget people even our animals obey traffic rules. Don’t believe me – watch this.

The video was shared by the actress on 6th October, the clip soon went viral and netizens are in complete awe of the animal. Actually, this viral video is inspiring as well in a time when many lives are lost due to careless driving or for not following the traffic rules.

We don’t know the exact location or the area, but the cow in the video is seen to be patiently waiting along with the other vehicles for the red traffic light to turn green. Twitterati is amazed to see how a humble animal is following the traffic rules when we humans fail to do it most of the time. 

The 8-second viral video garnered 59.3k views and one Twitter user wrote, “It’s time to learn some discipline from animals.”

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