How far can you go to express your love for your partner? In a time, when TV ads and movies show us how cool it is to become commitment phobic and emotionally unavailable in a relationship, this story will surely win your hearts.

In case you are planning a wedding proposal, take a cue from this 31-year-old Tokyo Artist, who quit his job, traveled for 6 months to create a unique “GPS art”- MARRY ME! Not, just that, he was awarded the Guinness Record for the largest GPS drawing in history.

First, he sorted the route, quit his job and then left. It was 10 years back in 2008 when he planned to send his girlfriend a surprise message by traveling across the Japanese islands.

In case, you are wondering how that digital drawing was made, followed by a heart symbol by Yasushi “ Yassan” Takahashi? Well, he covered 7000 km distance and traveled from the island of Hokkaido to Kagoshima.

Two days back, a video was uploaded by Google, which shows his beautiful journey and how he created GPS art using Google Earth.

Watch the video here-

“I hadn’t really gone outside Tokyo ever,” Yassan said to Google. “I was able to discover all kind of things that I had only known in books. I ate well, maybe too well. At night, I camped out in my car. There was heavy rain, snow, and earthquakes but I never gave up. I even found time to relax. After I finished my trip, I uploaded my GPS data to Google Earth and showed my girlfriend the surprise message.”

I kept thinking, where are you going without me? Of Course, I answered yes,” said his girlfriend, Natsuki.

The search engine giant tweeted the video as well and it went viral on social media and garnered 28.3k views till now.