A former management consultant at Infosys BPO, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy has expertise in people management areas such as policy formulations, people structuring and audits, leadership training and interventions and talent acquisition. Also having expertise in creating people engagement models to help organizations track their ROI in the areas of retention and business performance, Yeshasvini has managed migrations “Build Operate Transfer” models from countries such as USA, Australia and England in the areas of people engagement in the financial, BPO, and IT industry segments. She has trained more than 3000 people in areas pertaining to leadership principles, self management, managing people in a dynamic environment, personality development, certification awareness programs, etc. Four years back, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy started her own company e2e People Practices in Bangalore.


In this exclusive conversation with LifeBeyondNumbers, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy shares her journey, how she started e2e People Practices, challenges she faced, learning along the way and lots more…

Inception of e2e People Practices

Entrepreneurship happened to me by chance not by design. Owning my success to a fast track career, the next level of innovation was to take that leap. We have built e2e on the edifice of innovation. We deliver value on time and every time. Value for us is simple – make our clients win. When we take on an assignment we spend time in understanding their business landscape, their ethos and the drivers behind their business.

We have set out a challenging path for us. Though HR practices have been spoken about on various platforms, in India, it largely remains traditional. So to achieve a breakthrough needs us to be sharp, on the game all the time. Being ‘inclusive’ is what differentiates us from our competition.

It was this urge to create a difference, to contribute to best practices in consulting in India that made me take this decision of an private ltd entity called e2e people practices.

What is e2e People Practices

e2e-logo-lifebeyondnumberse2e is a Leadership Audit Firm with a focus on providing Business Solutions by Building People Capability. Through our audits and interventions we have been successful in aligning HR functions with the business objectives of our clients. Led by the entrepreneurial mind of Ms. Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, the support team of e2e currently comprises of consultants who have relevant industry experience of developing & managing ROI based interventions of Operations and HR functions. Their formal education has been in the areas of Management, HR, Marketing, Industrial Psychology, and Commerce. The average experience of the identified team is around 15 years. The team is familiar with working geographies of India, USA, England, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, and Germany.

The team brings in a rich experience in IT&ITES, Banking, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Media, Manufacturing and the Education Sector of domestic and international practices.

The client not only sees but experiences value in our solutions. We have a large network of globally recognized associates who form an essential part of e2e’s ecosystem.

We have developed unique models to track Return on Investments (ROI) in the Human Resources Management and Leadership Training areas. In addition to business – people alignment, a lot of our work also involves strategy sessions with senior management of start ups, mid sized and large companies. Such sessions help identify solutions that brings greater accountability. Through the effective management of talent pools, we help create sustainable business platforms.  Our experience spans sectors such as banks, educational institutions, health Care, IT/ITes, media, infrastructure, retail and the hospitality sector. e2e People Practices has pioneered the implementation of P-CMM in non IT sectors in India.

The Challenges

There have been many and in various degrees. I think the main challenge still remains the issue of treating women as equal partners of growth and success. The other challenge for me was learning the nuances of managing money. Money changes people and I have seen it umpteen number of times in my life. We need to create our own style of decision making – balancing aspirations, emotions of people and at the same time balancing the cyclical revenues of the consulting business. I have grown to realize that inner strength is the most valuable asset any human being possess and we need to nurture it. I should thank all my clients who reposed faith in our principles of business and we have had a successful and interesting journey so far.

The Way Ahead

Well, the future is going to be the more of the same. Taking our solutions to larger platforms and enhancing the impact. It is not about winning in the short term, it is about building sustainability, its about evolving together with our clients and building a strong foundation for a win-win. I strongly believe in the triple bottom line – People, Profit and the Planet.

For me –  I would like to continue with my yoga and enjoy my extremely private family moments.

The Learning

Everything has been a learning. As a woman (achiever or not), my message to all women is not to think of themselves as any lesser. Woman are the better half of our society and we need to develop an inclusive mind-set. Change begins at home. Women are different, we have the power to create and nurture. We should dream and work hard on achieving those goals we have set out for ourselves. Everything will not be easy. India as a culture is pretty judgmental – so take your time, don’t get very sensitive about what people tell you.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, but know this – you are your own best friend. My best wishes to all those who want to lead a life of adventure and leave something behind for the next generation leaders.