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He lost his eyesight in an accident at the age of 10 in 2007. However, he is a lot more than this tragedy and a fine example of what one can do if one is passionate about his dreams.

Eshwar Rao Jawadi is from Hyderabad and is all set to become a lawyer, after graduating from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) in Ahmedabad, mentioned India Today report.

Eshwar Rao Jawadi blind lawyer

Eshwar Rao Jawadi

On asking Eshwar what he wants to do after becoming a qualified lawyer in Gujarat, the 20-year-old visually impaired says that he wants to show light to people caught in court cases.

In an interview, he recalls that when he was a kindergarten student, somehow he got the opportunity to see an advocate who was practicing in property matters and developed an interest. “Only thing I wanted back then is to wear a black coat as an advocate,” says Eshwar.

He wants people to judge him by his merit, instead of showering sympathy. Recently, Rao was in Kolkata to participate in the 4th Dr. Justice B P Saraf National Moot Court on taxation and the organizers were overwhelmed by his spirit.

Joint Secretary, All India Federation of Tax Practitioner Vivek Agarwal said, that is a “very big achievement for the federation” and for an individual as well because the main purpose of the institution is to prepare students for future and when students who have faced hardships or come from disabled background- it is a morale booster for weak as well as good students.

Even if one is blind, he/she can fully master his surroundings and keep a track of events. Physical deformities cannot limit anyone from achieving their goals. Eshwar’s story is an inspiration to people who want to follow their dreams, earn a living despite physical challenges!

We wish him all the best!